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    28 Childhood Snacks That Will Unlock Memories For Aussies Born In The '90s

    Truth be told, cherry Starburst chews were superior.

    Remember the moment you realised your fave childhood treat no longer exists?

    If not, chances are this Reddit thread is about to burst your bubble, with user u/BaneWilliams asking Aussies to share the discontinued foods they miss most. Fair warning, the answers hit hard.

    1. "For me, it's got to be Space Food Sticks. Every now and then, I get these random cravings for them."

    2. "In A Biskit, but specifically the original potato flavour. I know they brought back chicken recently, but I would love a box of the potato ones."

    3. "Blackcurrant Mini Wheats."

    4. "KFC's Cookies and Cream Krushers. I used to always swap my drinks out for them, but KFC discontinued them a few years back."

    5. "Pizza Hut Buffet."

    6. "The original Nacho Cheese flavoured shapes. The new ones taste like vomit, but the originals were the best. They've brought back all the originals so far except nacho cheese."

    7. "The old school Milo bar."

    8. "Unnaturally coloured Fruit Roll-Ups with cartoons on them. Oh, and Fruity Metres — the apple ones were unreal."

    9. "Polly Waffles and Violet Crumbles. Violet Crumbles are not discontinued, but they are getting harder to find."

    10. "The coffee and condensed milk in a tube."

    11. "Burger Man chips."

    12. "Vegemite flavoured cheese. Yes, it was the Kraft plastic cheese singles, but eight-year-old me lived for it."

    13. "When Samboy's had those extra flavour sachets."

    14. "Miracle whip, Arnott's Coffee Scrolls and Coola (green) Cottee's cordial."

    15. "The M&M biscuit bars!"

    16. "Potato Smiles. I believe they may have brought them back in Coles, but I'm a Woolies man."

    17. "Choo Choo bars are still around, but what's been discontinued is the flavour. It's just not the same as it used to be."

    18. "Pineapple double Freddos (from fundraising boxes)."

    19. "Salt and vinegar Ruffles! I would mortgage my soul to be able to buy them again."

    20. "The shitty pink gum with white dust that came with footy cards."

    21. "Brownes Yogo Dirt Dessert."

    22. "Maggi tomato noodles."

    23. "Arnott's lattice biscuits."

    24. "Incredibites."

    25. "Quatro biscuits."

    26. "Smith's Big Red tomato chips."

    27. "Milky Way spread."

    28. And finally, "Pepsi Blue."

    What discontinued foods do you want to see brought back from your childhood? Tell us in the comments below!