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Catfish Season 1 Triumphs And Tragedies

Is it, could it be? Yes it is, it's, it's.... Erm no it's not. #AWKWARD

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Jasmine & Mike

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The one with the crazy lady:

Jerry Springer would have had a field day with this one

Jasmine had been texting "Mike" for two years, though they had never met or talked on the phone. Mike turns out to be a girl named Mhissy who Jasmine knew in real life. Mhissy said she created the fake profile to get revenge on Jasmine for not leaving Mhissy's boyfriend Josh aka Triggs alone after they hooked up.

Jarrod & Abby

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The one which was less Princess Bride and more Corpse Bride:

The real Abby looked like she did bad things to small animals

Jarrod is a divorced father from Georgia who met and fell for a blonde girl on Facebook named "Abby". Jarrod told Nev that he had even proposed to Abby and she said yes. She also promised to move in with him but then she never did.[16] When Nev finally introduces them after a year and a half of talking, "Abby" turns out to be an obese girl named Melissa that created the fake profile due to her low self esteem. In the epilogue, Jarrod has put his romantic pursuits on hold and is focusing on music since filming ended. He and Melissa continued to talk to each other everyday. Melissa had deactivated her Abby profile and also lost 15 lbs. She is also happy that Jarrod has kept her in his life, and she's hopeful love could still blossom between them one day.

Joe & Kari Ann

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The one with the stalker:

To be fair this guy is still punching above his weight with this crack pot, he should forgive and forget and get down and freaky with crazy stalker lady (just sleep with one eye open buddy)

Nev helps Joe meet the girl he's been talking to who says she is former Miss United States Teen 2003, Kari Ann.[20] Kari Ann agrees to meet Joe at his farm and when she shows up, it's in fact a girl named Rose, a girl Joe went to high school with. She said she did it because she's always had feelings for Joe. She apologized but admitted to having been a catfish for years, having multiple fake profiles and claims to have "mastered" being a catfish. In the end, Rose moved to California to live with her boyfriend whom she met through the fake Kari Ann profile. He was surprised when he found out the truth but accepted her anyway. Joe and Rose haven't talked since filming ended.

Kim & Matt

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The one with the big heart:

She could do worse, since shooting Matt has lost 200 pounds. Kim missed that gravy train and he's now rocking someone elses world, literally

Kim had been talking to Matt for over 10 years when she contacted Nev for help to meet him. She is in a relationship with a man named Scott, who knows about Matt. Kim opens up to Nev that the love of her life Steven committed suicide and that Matt helped her through the grief. She meets Matt at his home, where he reveals he has refused to meet her because he is ashamed of his weight. In the epilogue, Matt continues to diet and exercise everyday, and since filming ended, he has lost another 20 pounds. Kim went home and broke up with Scott, and she and Matt remain best friends. Kim is finally taking the time to deal with the loss of Steven, but she's not ready to think about starting a new romance yet.

Kya & Alex

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The one where everyone lied about everything:

I don't know what to say about this one, they deserve each other

When Kya first met "Alyx" online, she used a fake name and fake pictures. She later told him the truth and Alyx forgave her. Nev helps Kya finally meet Alyx, who she says she has fallen in love with but has never actually met. When they meet, Alyx turns out to be a transgender man named Dani who was born a girl and is making the transition to be a boy. Kya and Dani decide to remain a couple even after Kya learns the truth. In the epilogue, Dani is continuing hormone replacement therapy, and he is also saving up for gender reassignment surgery

Mike & Felicia

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The one with the shifty shopkeeper:

Mike needs to move out of his parents house, Felicia is a compulsive liar. Next!

Mike and Felicia met online and soon hit it off. After agreeing to meet, Felicia stood Mike up, offering only thin excuses. When Nev and Max do some research they find that she supposedly lives in Jersey City, though she claims to have opened a store in Orlando. After contacting her friend they also find she has previously lied to people on the internet. When Mike meets Felicia he finds that the pictures were real, but she lied about the store in Orlando, but still lives there. Mike is hurt that she lied but agrees to meet up with her to talk about their future. Two months later, Mike is still living with his parents and has found a job installing irrigation systems. He hopes to move to his own place soon. Felicia continues to live in Orlando and go to school. She is grateful that Mike had given her a second chance. She says she's being 100% truthful with Mike and is doing her best to be honest with everyone else in her life as well. She also says she's planning to move back to New Jersey in six months, because when she went to visit Mike, they officially became a couple.

Rico & Ja'mari

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The one with the crazy guy who didn't steal a bus:

Crazy lives in this guys head. Shhhh!

Rico lives in the United States but is torn on whether or not to continue his online relationship with a man named "Ja'mari" or move to England to be with his ailing mother. When Rico meets Ja'mari, he finds out that the pictures he saw were real but also discovers that Ja'mari's real name is James and that he is a bus driver instead of a model like he told Rico. When Nev and Rico do more research, they find that James has a criminal record but when asked about it, it was a case of mistaken identity that took James over 2 years to clear his name but in the end won the case. In the epilogue, the health of Rico's mother has improved since filming ended. Rico has decided to stay in the United States to continue his relationship with James. Rico and James haven't seen each other in the last month, but they plan on getting together soon.

Rod & Ebony

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The one with the woman without a penis:

Rod meets a lady who has a winky, he has reservations but meets her anyway. Turns out she doesn't have a winky... he's no longer interested. Think Rod needs to be honest with himself and find himself his own rod.

Rod hasn't been honest with "Ebony" about what he looks like or his name, which he told her is "KJ" in the 4 years they have been talking. Ebony is transgender and said she couldn't meet up in the beginning of them talking because she had cancer. Rod wants to be honest and tell her the truth but is afraid that Ebony might be lying to him too. Ebony turns out to be a woman who has been a lesbian for 15 years and has a child. In the epilogue, Rod and Ebony are still friends, but they communicate with each other only a few times a week now. Rod says he's not ready to meet people online right now and needs time to think about what he wants. Ebony is staying offline as well and has instead been enjoying the Atlanta nightlife. She has found romance with a woman.

Sunny & Jamison

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The one with the... Arghhhh WTF!

She scares the shit out of me! I've seen misery and suggest moving far, far away

Nursing student Sunny met and fell in love with model "Jamison" or "RJ" while chatting on Facebook, but they had never met in the eight months they had talked. When Nev finally introduces Sunny to "Jamison", he turns out to be a girl named Chelsea, who originally created the profile for revenge on a former friend. Chelsea showed no remorse and says that she has no feelings at all for Sunny. Later they talk and Chelsea admits she is bisexual and has feelings for Sunny. They decide to be real friends in the end. Nev introduces Sunny to the real Jamison in the end.

Trina & Scorpio

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The one with the guy that looks like Forest Whitaker:

I like this guy, ok so he's no Scorpio but I bet he gives good cuddles

Exotic dancer Shawnise aka Trina, met fellow exotic dancer Lee aka "Scorpio" on MySpace and had been talking for over a year and never met. When Nev does some online investigating, he finds that the pictures of "Scorpio" belong to Larry Drummer, a model from Atlanta. When Nev introduces Shawnise to Lee, he tells her the truth about having 4 children instead of 2 and that he is really 32 years old instead of being 27 like he told her. Nev introduces Shawnise to the real Larry Drummer in the end. Lee said he's happy to be friends with Trina, but still hopes one day romance will blossom between them. Trina has quit dancing and is pursuing other career opportunities.

Tyler & Amanda

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The one with the tall, short, thin, fat, white, black, gay, straight girl boy:

Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA HA HA!!!! ha...

Tyler has fallen for "Amanda" when he asks Nev for help. When Tyler tells his friends about her, they are all surprised it was with a girl from online. When Tyler goes to her house, "Amanda" is actually a teenage boy named Aaron. In the epilogue, Tyler now attends Western Michigan College in Kalamazoo. Aaron recently moved to New York City, and he said that he's staying offline for now and is actually starting to go out on dates. Aaron and Tyler have not been in contact since filming ended.

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