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5 Reasons Why The Flash Is Your New Favorite Show

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1. The Mystery!

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We know from the get-go that Barry's father is not responsible for the murder of Nora Allen, but who is to blame? That's the mystery that this first season of The Flash has been trying to unravel, and as we pass the half-way point of the season, things seem to be really heating up. Fans have all sorts of theories, but until this storyline ends nobody will know for sure.

2. The Excitement!

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Week in and week out, The Flash continues to excite people. In my opinion, there hasn't been a disappointing episode yet, which is pretty uncommon for a shows first season. Every episode leaves us wanting more, and every episode continues to deliver. What's great about it is that nothing we see is put there by accident. Everything that is teased in earlier episodes will be seen in later episodes in some capacity. The CW really has a winner on their hands between this and Arrow.

3. The Feels!

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One thing that The Flash does extremely well is provide a relationship between every character. We feel for all of these people, not just Barry. There isn't one unlikable character on the entire show, and when one of them has an issue, it hits you. Even Harrison Wells, a character that is shrouded in mystery, hits you right in the feels from time to time.

4. The Crossover!

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It's something every comic book geek looks forward to - a comic book-esque crossover in live-action. Arrow introduced Barry Allen to DC's TV universe in it's second season, giving us just a taste of what to expect from the upcoming series. It was a given that the two shows would crossover eventually, but who would of thought it would be so soon. Even more surprising is that it worked extremely well, as sometimes these things just are too good to be true. Having Arrow's dark, ominous tone combating with The Flash's upbeat, goofy-yet-serious (and sometimes cheesy) tone created a refreshing and rewarding experience for the viewer. Not to mention it advanced both show's stories and gave viewers a sense of what both shows were like. Smart move, CW.

5. The Gustin!

Seriously. He kills it in this show.Be sure to catch The Flash Tuesday nights at 8 on The CW.
DC/The CW / Via

Seriously. He kills it in this show.

Be sure to catch The Flash Tuesday nights at 8 on The CW.

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