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These Cute Charms Will Instantly Make Your House Arrest Bracelet Classy!

Let's face it, there's nothing more unflattering than your cumbersome house arrest bracelet. So allow us to give that ugly thing a makeover with these super classy charms!

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These colors don't run from the police!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Amazon/JMckinley

Mama to be!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Tumblr/Kennebugbotique

The difference between right and wrong!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Hackread/Etsy

We know you'll be home for the holidays!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Youtube/Givekidstheworldstore

Don't let your Jane Error stop you from loving Jane Eyre!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Chadthebailguy/Amazon

Just because you're doing time, doesn't mean it isn't tea time!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Disqus/Brighton

The Pope would approve!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Youtube/Zazzle

Eat! Pray! House Arrest!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Rollingstone/JamesAvery

Eiffel Good About This One!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Genius/Amazon

Give peace a chance!

Stephen Tompkins / Via Scramsystems/Auntiestreasures

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