Mr. Stephenson Billings is a widely respected and Christian Investigative Journalist. The focus of his journalism is American society and culture inspired by his profound love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.. A former high school football ath...
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  • Help Take Rick Santorum’s Good Name Back From Dan Savage!

    This glorious Easter holiday, let’s take back the noble name of Santorum! Let Santorum mean something both beautiful, wondrous and evocative! As a special patriotic feature, we have chosen to respect the Senator’s home state of Pennsylvania by unequivocally and permanently declaring: From this day forward, Santorum will hereby mean a savory mix of milk, potato chips and brook trout!

  • Korean Dictator Jim Kong Il, Inspiration for the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Dead at 69

    Communist dictator Jim Kong Il, the leader of the Asian nation of Korea, has died at age 69. The longtime despot gained international infamy when President George W. Bush recognized his role in violence and evil around the world, naming him a key figure in the notorious “Axis of Evil.” Other members of that select cabal of unholy criminals are now dead, including Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

  • Has Men’s Tennis Become Dangerously Homoerotic?

    Since the days of John McEnroe and Bjorn Borg, there has been a strong current of masculinity in men’s professional tennis. Boys have long viewed these athletes as brotherly role models while women have appreciated them as icons of virility. Recently, with the rise of Latino and Mediterranean practitioners of the sport, that current has taken a decidedly sexual turn. Maybe this isn’t entirely coincidental. Indeed, the marketers behind “Big Tennis” have profited handsomely by using this new image to their commercial advantage. Far too often, today’s professional circuit is dominated by an unnecessarily pornographic tone, with players willingly embracing bare-chested photography and salacious advertising campaigns.

  • The Selling of “Sarah Palin” and Liberal Fantasy

    Predictably, Joe McGinniss’s Sarah Palin bio is an outrageous hit piece on one of America’s few remaining political heroes. It is meant to titillate and horrify as we gear up for the 2012 election, but will it resonate? Maybe there are too many Joe McGinnisses floating around these days for such a book to matter.

  • Happy Steampunk Day!

    June 14th is recognized as International Steampunk day in recognition of H. G. Wells’ birthday. While one might be a little puzzled by the purpose of Steampunk, which on the surface appears to be a sick, God forsaken ‘artistic’ soup of Wild, Wild West; Gnomes and Goblins in World Of Warcraft; and Victorian romantic, industrial magnets – investigations into this world reveal so much more.

  • Ricky Gervais Comes Under Fire for Inappropriate Messages

    It’s hard to imagine comic Ricky Gervais as anything more than a caricature of a European intellectual. Bloated, pompous and forever attired in black t-shirts, he fills the role to a T. Add to this image a difficult accent and an unpleasant sexual persona, and we have some sort of cross between alleged Wikileaks rapist Julian Assange and the character Dieter from the late night comedy skit, “Sprockets.”

  • Should Palin Support a US Invasion of Egypt?

    The escalating crisis in Egypt could become a defining moment for Sarah Palin. Rioters have taken over the streets, top presidential cabinet members have fled the country and numerous reports of Christians having their phone and internet services cut off have reached America. The thirty-year rein of Hosni Mubarak may be finally reaching an end.

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