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Proof That Justin Fletcher And Mr Tumble Are THE SAME PERSON.

Watergate. Watergate-gate. Now... Tumblegate: Clark Kent IS Superman. Bruce Wayne IS Batman. Peter Parker IS Spider-Man. Justin Fletcher IS Mr Tumble.

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Is Mr Tumble a fiction? A lie? A 'character' created by actor and entertainer Justin Fletcher?

"There's someone you should see," said the doctor. "A clown called Mr Tumble."

"Ah," lamented his depressed patient, "I am Mr Tumble."

We're through the looking glass, people.

IMDB: Full cast listing: Gigglebiz. Justin Fletcher: Various characters. / Via

You know all those Gigglebiz characters?

Arthur Sleep?

Captain Adorable?

Ann Teak?

All Justin.

So while the game is well and truly up, Mr Fletcher... kids and parents around the world love you for your kurrazzeee slapstick antics.

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