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Why You Should Hire Me

Because writing a cover letter is boring.

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Hi there! My name is Stephen, and I decided to make my cover letter into a Buzzfeed article. Not only is this more fun than typing a page on Word, but it is also more personable on knowing exactly what I bring to the table. If you just so happen to have stumbled across this article, then I hope this at least gives you a smile and are able to enjoy it.

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I graduated cum laude at Texas Christian University with a Bachelor's of Science in Film/Television/Digital Media with a minor in Business in May 2015, and currently finishing my thesis at the University of North Texas and will be graduating with a Master's Degree in Critical Studies (film) in May 2017.

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I would've attended Hogwarts, but they don't accept FASFA.

My passion is writing. Mostly about film, TV, literature, and sports, but I excel with film analysis and new media (social and digital media).

I have been able to have papers accepted and presented at multiple conferences such Society For Cinema and Media Studies (the Coachella of film academia). I also write on Medium as a hobby.

I have immpeccable editorial skills.


As a teaching assistant at UNT, I grade roughly 100 papers per semester. I'm able to assist in developing strong thesis statements that create well-organized papers, highlighting grammatical errors, and checking for concrete detail that support arguments.

I have immense experience in managing social media content with Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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Social media has become intertwined to generating content and keeping up with what is going in the world. The Internet never sleeps.

I'm proficient in the usual suspects such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop.


I'm also skilled in filmmaking software such as Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Premiere and even screenwriting software such as Celtx.

I'm a positive, friendly, and diligent being who brings an immaculate work ethic.

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And, I'm a team player that is more than comfortable to collaborate and liaise with colleagues regardless of their position; whether they are senior staff or interns.


As a resident assistant at TCU, I cultivated great leadership and cooperation skills by working on projects and events with my fellow RAs on my staff, and leading events and projects with my residents as well. I am able to thrive in group projects, because I am not only able to contribute with creative efficiency and any assistance necessary, but I am also able to learn from others by learning and building off each others' ideas too.

Overall, I'm a passionate and eager nerd who loves film, The Internet, and writing.


I'm just having fun with it.

So, in conclusion.

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