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    Updated on Sep 11, 2018. Posted on Sep 9, 2018

    22 Wholesome Dad Posts That Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

    Dads are the best.

    1. This dad who went above and beyond to cheer up his daughter:

    2. This dad with some sage advice for his kids:

    3. This dad who left out an important detail about his friend, Mike:

    frenzy3 / Via

    4. This dad who helped his daughter achieve her dream:

    IronProdigyOfficial / Via

    5. This dad who is very, very patient:

    Kwibuka / Via

    6. This dad whose funny prank ended up becoming something quite powerful:

    Leca1415 / Via

    7. This dad who could not be prouder:

    @PunkinOnWheels / Via

    8. This dad who has a special movie tradition with his daughter:

    GallowPlaceholder / Via

    9. This dad who invented the most wholesome game in the world:


    10. This dad who has the whole family showing solidarity:

    11. This dad whose adorable dating advice went viral on Tumblr:

    guiseofgentlewords / Via

    12. This dad who had the perfect explanation to make his son feel better:

    @DynamicWebPaige / Via

    13. This dad who got busted in the best possible way:

    msuskilla / Via

    14. This dad who wanted to support his son:

    municipalplant / Via

    15. This dad who once put a little hidden message in a painting:

    BradCruiseHemsworth / Via

    16. This dad who's been keeping up a hilarious Valentine's Day tradition for 20 years:

    irrelevant--art / Via

    17. This dad who got to experience an incredible full-circle moment:

    fannypackmcb / Via

    18. This dad who married his best friend:

    @__quincy / Via

    19. This dad who just discovered an unexpected skill:

    @tiaresarahy / Via

    20. This dad who could not be happier to have met an alpaca:

    21. This dad who had the ultimate romantic gesture:

    windzey / Via

    22. And finally, there's this dad, who did not read the invitation closely — but gets lots of points for trying:

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