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    19 Pictures That Will Make You Question Your Own Reality


    1. This foreign language teacher is named Mr. English.

    ARF_Trooper_ / Via

    2. This horse's white patch looks like a second, smaller horse.

    PR3DA7oR / Via

    3. These two trucks just happened to drive alongside each other on the highway.

    komaram / Via

    4. These newspapers were stacked in a totally non-coincidental way.

    OilersFansDontMatter / Via

    5. These two identical strangers were randomly seated next to each other on a flight.

    sycknyss2 / Via

    6. This weirdly-shaped tree just narrowly avoided crushing a car.

    HolyDekuTree / Via

    7. This person cracked TWO double-yolk eggs in a row.

    Sinja19 / Via

    8. These two color-inverted strangers stood next to each other on a train.

    m0rris0n_hotel / Via

    9. This person got a Kit Kat bar without any wafers in it.

    OddlyCalmOrca / Via

    10. This lost dog was found in a rather convenient location.

    realbestusernameever / Via

    11. You've probably seen snacks get stuck in a vending machine before, but never like THIS.

    Sebassen / Via

    12. This reporter's name matches her current location quite nicely.

    AdamE89 / Via

    13. Sure, it's not a bullseye, but this is still pretty spectacular aim.

    LAKE__RAT / Via

    14. The serial number on this pizza cutter is P177A.

    wolfshozzer / Via

    15. This Jenga tower somehow managed to fall like THIS. I think that means the game is still on???

    ElmoProjector / Via

    16. This customer's total at 7-Eleven came to $7.11.

    bdeee / Via

    17. This guy has had some horrible/incredible luck.

    18. This poor fish very narrowly avoided death.

    slowf3 / Via

    19. And finally, this sign is surprisingly spot-on.

    dgrace97 / Via

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