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    25 Weird And Freaky Pictures That Will Make You Go, "Whoa, Dude"

    Literally HOW.

    1. This hiker with a Clif bar stumbled upon the very cliff from its packaging.

    AnGabhaDubh / Via

    2. These two strangers bumped into each other at a wedding and realized they looked like twins.

    drebler / Via

    3. These three women with the same hair and same sweater all sat in the same row for class.

    fall97 / Via

    4. This person's parents realized they took the same photo from the same position in a car when they were teens — and when you put the photos side by side, it looks like they were in the car together.

    flowerboy00 / Via

    5. This person was reading a book that happened to mention British Airways Flight 16 — the exact same flight the reader was on.

    oldtrader1 / Via

    6. This teenager got her older sister's textbook at school, 10 years later.

    MrsBoognish / Via

    7. This rainbow was perfectly placed so that it looked like it was coming out of a dumpster.

    NuWuX / Via

    8. The whipped cream on this Jello made a perfect pot leaf on the lid.

    ChickenCSGO / Via

    9. This paw has a smaller paw on it.

    uwuuwu / Via

    10. While this dog's paw looks exactly like the dog's face.

    p480n / Via

    11. And this dog's ear looks a whole lot like the dog itself, too.

    embeast / Via

    12. This ray of light hit the UFO poster in exactly the right place.

    MidnightDrag / Via

    13. The snow on top of this mountain melted into the perfect shape of a lizard.

    mcspecies / Via

    14. This mayo's expiration date literally says "MAY0" in it.

    motivatedcactus / Via

    15. This bug on a windshield looks like it's Godzilla-ing the building behind it.

    HooptyDooDooMeister / Via

    16. The panes of this window are perfectly placed so that it looks like there are four different seasons outside.

    pommiegurl130 / Via

    17. These two white pick-up trucks have the same NASA bumper sticker in the same place on their rear windshield — and they parked right next to each other.

    the_turtleking / Via

    18. This lamp accidentally projects the word "anal" onto the wall.

    maddafakk / Via

    19. While this shadow of the word "dog" happened to fall upon...the dog.

    themattsquared / Via

    20. This woman realized she was dressed identically to her tissue box.

    azaleahey / Via

    21. While this woman's slippers matched the carpet EERILY well.

    PintsofCoffee / Via

    22. The way these water coolers were arranged accidentally makes it look like they're getting married.

    SoupSeeker / Via

    23. And these paper towel rolls placed on top of blue moving blankets form an adorable Cookie Monster.

    oyesimpson / Via

    24. These three identical men sat in the same row on a train and all fell asleep.

    thrashbandit / Via

    25. And finally, these two couples met at a festival and realized they were dressed QUITE similarly.

    excitotox / Via

    H/t to r/mildlyinteresting.

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