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    People On TikTok Are Having Their Minds Blown By This Very Simple Egg Cooking Hack That Makes Cleanup A Breeze

    Game. Changer.

    A viral TikTok hack is showing users how to make their kitchen cleanups easier. And though the trick is very simple — and I mean, VERY simple — the video is still blowing people's minds, with 2 million views and counting so far.

    So here's the deal: When you're cooking, have you ever had the experience of pouring some liquid out of a bowl — only to have it dribble down the side and create a nasty ring of goop on your counter?

    Screenshot of a TikTok showing a bowl of eggs being poured into a pan

    Well, a simple maneuver with that bowl, brought to the world by TikTok user Andrew Gatt, can save you from ever having to deal with that pesky mess again.

    First, Andrew demonstrates the wrong way to handle the bowl — aka the method that leaves you with sticky counters to clean.

    A hand scrubbing a counter

    "[If] I pour this egg into this pan and turn it back this way, I put it down on the counter, [and] it's gonna drip down the side," he demonstrates.

    Screenshot of a TikTok showing eggs being poured into pan

    Instead, Andrew pours the eggs out of the bowl and then continues to turn the bowl until it's fully upside down. Next, he completes a 360-degree turn that brings the bowl right-side up again.

    Screenshot of a TikTok showing a bowl being rotated

    "But if I continue the turn like this, the drip will go back into the bowl," he explains. "I can put it down on the counter, and I don't have any extra mess to clean up on the counter." BOOM.

    "How old were you when you discovered this life hack?" Andrew captioned his video. UM. I WAS TODAY YEARS OLD, ANDREW.

    And it turns out that I am not alone on this! TikTokers in the comments are having their minds blown by this simple maneuver:

    Screenshot of a TikTok comment
    Screenshot of a TikTok comment
    Screenshot of a TikTok comment

    And, of course, because it's the internet, there always has to be one person who ~knew this already~:

    Screenshot of a TikTok comment

    Well, whether or not you knew this already, you now have NO excuse for goopy, sticky counters. Go forth and cook your eggs in peace!

    You can follow Andrew on TikTok here, and watch him demonstrate his simple-but-lifesaving hack below: