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    15 Viral Moments You Need To Know About This Week

    A photoshopped Beyoncé, a shirtless Nick Jonas, and more.

    1. John Oliver confirmed what all of us suspected — Beyoncé was photoshopped into that Lion King promotional pic.

    2. Nick Jonas was photographed shirtless on a boat, and the world is now drooling over Thicc Jonas.

    3. A young woman made headlines after she tweeted out a very emotional text she got from her ex right before he got married.

    4. Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse reportedly broke up, and Lili may have hinted at their split with a savage Instagram caption.

    5. The internet had a big old argument about this waiter who served a pregnant customer virgin cocktails even though she ordered alcoholic ones.

    6. Marvel fans everywhere were shook to find out that a deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame saw Captain America getting decapitated.

    7. Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery shared an emotional Instagram post about his difficult childhood.

    8. Ireland Baldwin posted a butt pic on Instagram — and got some hilariously awkward comments from her dad and uncle, Alec and Billy.

    9. Rihanna could not believe her eyes when she stumbled upon this 6-year-old child who looks nearly identical to her.

    10. Anna Wintour was asked what she thought of Melania Trump's fashion sense, and her answer was delightfully shady.

    11. Beyoncé shared a video documenting the insanely strict diet she went on to prepare for Coachella.

    12. Ashley Benson debuted her new tattoo in honor of her girlfriend, Cara Delevingne.

    13. Bella Thorne opened up about realizing that she's pansexual, not bisexual.

    14. Jessica Alba revealed the two tattoos she regrets most.

    And finally...

    15. Kylie Jenner parked in an accessible parking spot and posted the photo on Instagram, angering many disability advocates.