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Brooklyn Beckham Got A Giant "MUM" Tattoo And Victoria Absolutely Loves It

Mother/son goals.

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The Beckham family. You know 'em, you love 'em.

Well, earlier this month, Brooklyn Beckham got a gigantic "MUM" tattoo on his bicep. It looks like one of those tattoos that cartoon prisoners have, but like, in a good way!!!

Anyway. If you're wondering what Brooklyn's mum thinks of the "MUM" tattoo, I have good news for you: She's into it!

"Big tattoo! X kisses from NYC!!" Victoria captioned the pic, along with the hashtag #loveyou.

Hey, if you want your mom to approve of your massive bicep tattoo, that was probably a smart one to get.

The Beckham fam gathered in NYC earlier this month for Victoria's show at New York Fashion Week. And although Brooklyn had to miss the event, I guess a big tattoo in honor of his mother more than makes up for his absence.