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The 16 Most Awkward, Bizarre, And Humiliating Things That Trump Did At His 2020 Rallies

Small crowds, rants about sharks, fat-shaming his own supporters...it's been quite a campaign for Trump.

1. When he claimed that a million people had requested tickets to his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally and boasted about a sold-out crowd, and then this happened:

Lone Trump supporter holding a sign that says, "Make America Great Again," and sitting in the stands at a rally site

2. When he danced to the YMCA onstage, which prompted a viral TikTok imitation that the Trump family proudly shared — not realizing the woman who created the video was making fun of him.

3. When he managed to get a celebrity endorsement from the rapper Lil Pump, and then introduced him to the crowd as "Little Pimp."

Lil Pump takes the stage at the Trump rally shortly after 1amET on Election Day. Trump introduces him as "Little Pimp"

4. When he spent literally 14 minutes at a rally talking about how he can actually walk down ramps normally, despite a viral video showing him doing it weirdly.

Trump is reenacting walking down the West Point ramp.

5. When he proved he can drink a glass of water, to enormous applause from his fans.

Trump drinks some water. The crowd goes wild.

6. When he concluded a rally by saying, "Nobody wants me," complaining that it was too cold, and then dancing off the stage.

7. When he revealed that he doesn't want to do anything to help save sharks, because he's "not a big fan of sharks." (He is alleged to be terrified of sharks.)

Today in off-prompter vs. on-prompter...

8. When he played the Titanic theme song, "My Heart Will Go On," at a rally, apparently unaware that the movie is quite literally about a sinking ship.

Whoopi, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Meghan McCain, and Sarah Haines hosting The View

9. When he started to tell the crowd that this election wasn't about him, it was about them — but then he changed his mind.

Trump in Kenosha: "This isn’t about - yeah, it is about me, I guess, when you think about it.”

10. When he pointed to a truck in the crowd, said he wanted to get inside it, and "drive the hell out of here...just get the hell out of this." He then bemoaned that he used to have "such a good life."

"Nice trucks. You think I could hop into one of them and drive it away? I'd love to do it. Just drive the hell out of here. Just get the hell out of this. I had such a good life." -- Trump

11. When he complained that he can't call Ivanka beautiful "because she's my daughter."

12. When he tried to beg suburban women to please like him.

Headline from media publication 'The Hill' says "Trump makes appeal to suburban women at rally: 'Will you please like me?'

13. When he claimed to be immune from COVID-19, and then said he wanted to prove it by going into the audience and kissing all the men "and the beautiful women."

After suggesting he’s immune, the President says he feels so powerful he’ll walk into the audience and kiss all the guys and “beautiful women”

14. All of the many times he played songs at his rallies, only to have the artists who created those songs tell him he wasn't allowed to use their music anymore.

President Trump played Prince’s “Purple Rain” tonight at a campaign event in Minneapolis despite confirming a year ago that the campaign would not use Prince’s music. The Prince Estate will never give permission to President Trump to use Prince’s songs.

15. When he shamed one of his own supporters for his weight, saying "that guy's got a serious weight problem" and that he needs to "go home and start exercising," all because he mistook the man for a protestor.

Trump to supporter at rally: "That guy's got a serious weight problem"

16. And finally, when his rallies gave an estimated 30,000 people COVID and caused more than 700 deaths, according to a Stanford study.

Trump taking his face mask off