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    This Sandwich-Wrapping Hack Is Going Viral On TikTok, And It's Actually So Smart

    So simple...and yet, so smart.

    Wrapping a sandwich: It's surprisingly difficult to do well!

    A tortilla wrap filled with lettuce, tomato, and a protein
    Foodandwinephotography / Getty Images

    But thanks to a genius hack now going viral on TikTok, the days of a messily wrapped sandwich are officially over. Please check this out, and get ready to have your mind blown:


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    The trick, first brought to the internet's attention by TikTok user @ellcarter1, involves dividing the tortilla into four quadrants. You put a different filling in each...

    A tortilla with bacon in two quadrants, shredded cheese in one quadrant, and scrambled eggs in the fourth
    @ellcarter1 / Via

    Next, you make a cut between two of the sections...

    @ellcarter1 / Via

    And then carefully fold the quadrants over each other...

    @ellcarter1 / Via

    Until you have a beautiful, triangular-shaped, perfectly wrapped sandwich. BOOM:

    @ellcarter1 / Via

    For bonus points, @ellcarter1 recommends buttering the outside of the wrap and putting it in a panini press:

    @ellcarter1 / Via

    This triangular sandwich-wrapping technique is now going viral on TikTok, having amassed nearly half a million likes so far. And lots of TikTokers are trying it out for themselves, to delicious results. There's this breakfast wrap:


    The viral tortilla wrap, breakfast edition. I don’t know who the original creator is but thank you! #fyp #wraprecipe #recipe #cookin #momlife #twin

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    This user tried the wrap hack for a classic ham and cheese sandwich:


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    There's a dessert version with crepes that looks, frankly, bonkers:


    Reply to @amandafanta44 this one kinda flopped but tasted amazing 😂 #fyp #foryoupage #food

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    And this user went mega-viral — over 9 million likes so far — with a chicken nugget wrap that I need IMMEDIATELY:


    Food TikTok has taught me so much #foodtiktok #fyp

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    Ready to try it out for yourself? Check out @ellcarter1's instructions in the TikTok below:


    #fyp #foryoupage #food

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