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    Tiffany Haddish Went To The Bathroom On A Zoom Call Because She Didn't Know She Could Be Seen And OMG

    "Y'all can see me?!"

    Like many of us, Tiffany Haddish has been spending a whole lot of time on Zoom lately...and she just had an experience on a video call that is literally everyone's worst nightmare.

    As she explained in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres today, she was participating in an important business meeting, trying to sell a show — but it was her first time ever using Zoom.

    "I hadn't been using [Zoom] at that point in time, and I thought, Oh, whoever is on the front thing, that's all we can see. Whoever's talking is who we can see. Right?"

    "So I was like, I ain't gonna say nothing. I've gotta use the restroom," she explained. "And I didn't want to leave the meeting, either. So I took the phone with me."

    At this point, Ellen can tell exactly where this story is going, and her reaction says it all:

    "Because I didn't know you could scroll over, and everybody could see everybody. I didn't know."

    "So I took it with me, and I start using the bathroom. And they were like, 'Tiffany, um, you know we know you're in the restroom, right?'"

    "I was like, 'Y'all can see me?!'"

    "Needless to say, I sold that show. I sold the show."

    "Because they felt so bad for you," Ellen joked.

    I think I speak for all of us when I say: WORST 👏 FREAKING 👏 NIGHTMARE 👏. At least it has a happy ending.

    You can check out Tiffany's full interview with Ellen below: