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Posted on Jan 30, 2018

Answer Some '90s Kid Questions And We'll Tell You If You're Dating The Right Person

Are you two a match made in '90s heaven?

Here's how this works: Take the quiz below, and you'll find out which ~iconic TV couple~ matches your dating style.


Then, share this quiz with the person you're dating — if they get the same result as you, it's a match made in '90s kid heaven.


And if you're single, take this quiz anyway! It might help to know whether you're a Topanga...or a Lizzie McGuire. Let's begin!

  1. Pick a Bop-It maneuver to describe your sex life:
  2. Pick your favorite channel:

  3. Pick a Lisa Frank picture to describe your love life:

  4. Pick your favorite boy band:

  5. Pick the movie that best describes your dating life in high school:

  6. Pick the more iconic Nicktoons duo:

  7. What's the secret to a healthy relationship?

  8. And finally, should Spongebob and Sandy hook up?

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