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    People Are Sharing The Things They Didn't Realize About Sex Until They Had It For The First Time And It's So Real

    "The hole is lower than you think it is."

    Yesterday, a Reddit thread asked users, "What surprised you about sex after having it for the first time?" The conversation quickly went viral, with thousands of internet strangers sharing their biggest post-sex revelations.

    Here are some of the funniest, strangest, wildest, and just-plain-realest responses people shared:

    1. "That my core isn’t as strong as I thought it was."

    2. "It was so warm in there!"


    3. "I knew that dicks got 'hard,' but I didn’t expect it to be THAT hard! And yet the tip is still nice and squishy...that was just something I discovered with my hands."


    4. "How hard it is to keep your erection when you have to run upstairs and find a condom and then try to put it on really fast."

    5. "All the weird noises."


    6. "I thought that when he came, it would come shooting out like a fire hose or something. His pace quickened, then his whole body tensed up. I braced myself for impact, but nothing like that happened."

    7. "I can’t finish with just penetration; that part was annoying. Fun but annoying."


    8. "The vagina is a lot lower down than I expected. I can remember foreplay with my ex (this was years ago when I was a teen), and I was like rubbing her groin area where a dude's dick would be with my hands, thinking it would be turning her on. I'd watched porn before but never thought about it. Eventually she showed me, and I was quite embarrassed."

    9. "The hole is lower than you think it is."


    10. "Given all the joking about premature ejaculation, I was surprised how long I lasted."


    11. "That penises were so big. But it turns out in hindsight that he just had a really big penis."

    12. "Well, I waited 19 years to get nailed in the back of some dude's car next to his piles of dirty laundry. It felt like nothing, absolutely no pleasure for me. But I did discover that I am VERY allergic to latex. That was a big surprise."


    13. "How amazing it felt when he first entered me. I had been masturbating for years already, and I knew how it felt to have something phallic inside me. But jeez, it was pretty nice. And also how powerful I felt because his face in that moment was like I had his soul. Lmao."


    14. "How difficult it was to climax in the presence of another person. I'd had almost a decade of practice only doing it when alone."

    15. "Queefs...I thought she was farting. I found that out when it happened again a week later and she said, 'You do know I’m not farting, right?' I pretended I did and googled it afterward."


    16. "I was like, damn, that is actually a lot of work. It made me understand Charles Barkley's quote when talking about NBA teams playing three nights in a row: 'I wouldn't even want to have sex three nights in a row.'"

    17. "She came, vigorously and loudly. Needless to say, I had little to do with it, but that was a physical reaction I had never witnessed, and couldn’t explain at the moment."


    18. "For me, I think it was how natural it was. Like, animal instincts kick in and your pelvis starts moving in whole new ways."

    19. "That it wasn’t some life-changing event. I didn’t feel any different afterward, except kinda proud for a day or two."


    20. "Men are completely different people when they finish."


    21. "I was surprised that although sex feels better, masturbation gets the climax much faster."

    22. "How shallow people can be. It was with one of my closest friends at the time and they never spoke to me again."


    23. "How easy it is for someone not to care afterward."


    24. "How I needed my asthma inhaler."

    25. "Foreplay was awesome; everything was exciting, even if the dude was bad at it; being touched in any way was so stimulating because it never happened. The actual act, though...I didn't feel anything. It was like I didn't have anything in there. It was disappointing."


    26. "That I was not pregnant after, as my public school sex ed had implied I would be."


    27. "The whole process of waiting for ur partner to put on a condom while ur just there like 👁👄👁."

    28. "I didn't bleed and it wasn't that painful. I was always made to believe I was gonna bleed when I lost my virginity, but it never happened, and I don't remember ever having any pain."


    29. "I guess I had the opposite experience from a lot of women here, but I was surprised at how much it hurt. Like, holy fuck, it was painful, and afterward when we turned on the lights, there was blood EVERYWHERE. It still hurt a little the second time but thankfully stopped after that. Still took a handful of times before it actively started feeling good, though."


    30. "Condoms taste like shit."

    And finally...

    31. "I was surprised someone wanted to sleep with me!"

    Okay, now it's your turn! What surprised you after you had sex for the first time? Sound off in the comments.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.