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    There's Now A Conspiracy Theory That Kylie Jenner Is Kim Kardashian's Surrogate

    Spoiler alert: No.

    By now, you probably know that Kylie Jenner is pregnant.

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    When the news broke two days ago, the internet responded the only way it knows how: by tweeting a whole bunch of crazy shit.


    And among the kraziest of those tweets was a conspiracy theory — excuse me, a konspiracy theory — that Kylie is actually the surrogate for her big sister Kim.

    What if the twist in the alleged Kylie Jenner pregnancy is that she's Kim and Kanye's surrogate for baby no. 3?

    So let's back up for a second: This summer, it was revealed that Kim and Kanye are expecting a third child via an unnamed surrogate.

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    And now some people think the surrogate is Kylie.

    PLOT TWIST: Kylie Jenner is Kim and Kanye’s surrogate for their 3rd child 👶

    Some are just presenting the theory as a ~what if~ scenario.

    What if Kylie Jenner is pregnant with Kim and Kanye’s surrogate baby?!

    While others seem fully convinced.

    so we just gonna act like kylie jenner isn’t kim and kanye’s surrogate?

    They think Kylie matches the surrogate's (very vague) description.

    Kylie Jenner is pregnant. Kim Kardashian and Kanye are expecting baby 3 from a "20 something, fit, surrogate"....

    They also think that the two pregnancy timelines are eerily similar.

    Kim and kanyes surrogate is four months-ish pregnant and kylie jenner is allegedy four months pregnant hmm

    We've got ourselves a whole bunch of Nancy Drews and Hardy Boys over here.

    First Kim K announces her surrogate is pregnant now Kylie is coincidently pregnant.... I have a new fav conspiracy

    Okay, so this probably goes without saying, but: There's really no ~actual~ evidence to support any of this.

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    While Kylie hasn't addressed her pregnancy publicly, sources say the father is rapper Travis Scott. According to TMZ, he and Kylie have spent the past month telling their friends.

    Bob Levey / Getty Images

    There's even speculation that this tweet is from the day he found out:

    As for Kim's surrogate? The Kardashian Wests haven't revealed who it is, but suffice it to say — if it was Kylie Freakin' Jenner, that ~probably~ would've come out before now.

    Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    And those similar pregnancy timelines? Well 1) the timelines are unconfirmed. 2) It is actually possible for two women to be pregnant at once!!!


    I mean, it's 2017, so who knows anymore. But there's really no evidence to believe this is true.


    Just live, people!!!

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