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    Whoopi Goldberg Talking To An Empty Audience On "The View" Is The Strangest Coronavirus Event Yet

    "This is unprecedented. This has never happened before."

    Okay. Listen. Not to be all "it's the end of days," but The View had to get rid of its live audience due to coronavirus concerns, and seeing all the empty chairs in the studio truly feels like the end of days.

    The women of The View kicked off the show today by acknowledging their lack of an audience, with Whoopi Goldberg pointing to all the empty chairs and shouting, "Welcome to The View! Welcome to The View!"

    Whoopi Goldberg repeating “welcome to The View” to empty audience chairs is both peak apocalypse horror and high camp.

    "We're just trying to figure it out," Whoopi told her co-hosts. "It's gonna be like this for the next 45 minutes, so just sit back and enjoy the show."

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    "What a week," added Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who recently returned to the show as a guest host.

    "So the coronavirus situation is still developing," Whoopi said. "And for the first time ever, as you can see if you looked around, we made the decision not to have a studio audience."

    "This is unprecedented. This has never happened before," she went on to say, noting that even after 9/11, the show had a studio audience.


    All apocalypse jokes aside, there are some productive steps you can take right now to protect yourself and those around you. Stay informed, isolate yourself as much as possible, and for the love of everything, WASH YOUR HANDS.

    You can check out The View's full roundtable about coronavirus below:

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