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Kylie Jenner ~Probably~ Isn't In Labor Right Now, But Twitter Seems Convinced


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I'm probably not the first person on BuzzFeed dot com to tell you that Kylie Jenner is pregnant. She's expecting her first child with rapper Travis Scott.

Kylie has remained silent about her pregnancy since the news broke in late September. So we don't really know how far along she is, or when we can expect the little baby to pop up on our Instagram feeds.

But for a brief period of time, the internet seemed absolutely convinced that Kylie Jenner was giving birth.

Ive done more research on Kylie Jenner pregnancy than i have on any school assignment in my life.😂 #KylieJenner

People lost their damn minds.

Really pissed* I have to spend my entire weekend glued to my phone to see when Kylie Jenner gives birth *so excited I can't breathe

They really wanted to know WTF was going on — even if they were too embarrassed to admit it.

Me, a grown adult, currently researching if Kylie Jenner is giving birth

Popcorn was popped.

Me: “Kylie Jenner is so annoying! I could care less about her or her baby.” Twitter: “Kylie is in labor ya’ll!” M…


Bonds were formed.

Live view of my office waiting for official word that Kylie Jenner is in labor:

Some folks were more patient than others.

me waiting to see if kylie jenner is actually in labor right now

And, when TMZ finally burst everyone's bubble, some folks still held on to a glimmer of hope.

TMZ reporting that Kylie Jenner is not in labor..... #KylieJenner

Look. I have no idea what's going on anymore. For all I know, she could be giving birth as we speak!!! But TMZ's sources claim she isn't even due this month.

Also, some folks believe this old Travis Scott tweet is from the day he found out she was pregnant. IF THAT'S TRUE, we've probably got a little more time to wait.