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The Cast Of "Boy Meets World" Just Had A Reunion And Holy '90s The Pictures Are Good

"We hate each other."

Y'ALL. The cast of Boy Meets World just reunited for an appearance at the Wizard World convention in Chicago. And their pictures together are taking me ALL THE WAY BACK. Look at this beautiful photo recreation:

It's like it's 1996 all over again! Except they all have smartphones now!

Will Friedle aka Eric made fun of the fact that he no longer looks like the boy on his banner:

And Ben Savage aka Cory shared a picture of the former Matthews brothers at a "family dinner":

Will's comment on that picture was also pretty adorbs:


Meanwhile, Danielle Fishel aka Topanga has been busy documenting the entire reunion on her Instagram story:


She loves her brother-in-law!


Okay, one last thing that isn't really relevant to this reunion but it's something I learned from creeping on their Instagrams this morning: THIS is Will Friedle's profile pic!!!



Okay, that's quite enough nostalgia for today. Bye!

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