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    19 Thanksgiving Horror Stories That Will Make You Want A Big Glass Of Wine

    Hope you have a happier Thanksgiving than these folks!

    This week, a Reddit thread asked users to share that incident from a Thanksgiving past — an event so awkward and disastrous that your family will never be able to forget it.

    The thread quickly went viral, as more and more people starting chiming in with their worst Thanksgiving horror stories. Here are some of the wildest:

    1. "My grandma accidentally poured dish soap on the turkey instead of oil...might have been one of the funniest but most upsetting things I’ve ever seen."

    2. "My aunt was not able to come to dinner one year because she was in jail for trying to shoplift a turkey from the grocery store."


    3. "I thought it would be a funny prank to put a rubber chicken in the oven on Thanksgiving. My mom would laugh and laugh. Ho ho ho, there's a rubber chicken in the oven, what a gag. 13-year-old me didn't realize that normal adults usually preheat the oven before putting the turkey in."


    4. "Aunt opened the pressure cooker without releasing the pressure first. Went about as well as you can imagine."

    5. "My 10-year-old brother decided to demonstrate how to properly body slam himself onto a bed to the cousins. He proceeded to hit his head on the windowsill behind the bed and crack his head open. We could see skull. 15 stitches later, we got to eat dinner."


    6. "I heard some screaming from outside my apartment. I opened the door and saw this lady running to the dumpster with a turkey still in the pan on fire. She threw it into the dumpster, which then caught fire. I called 911 so the fire department could put it out."


    7. "My mom dropped the turkey platter. It shattered, turkey and porcelain shards littered the floor. Thankfully, most of the turkey was salvaged due to the five second rule. Some of us had shards of turkey platter on our plates but it wasn't a big deal."

    8. "My brother took my two-week-old son to check his diaper during dinner. Came back with diaper in hand saying it didn't look right. He proceeded to smell it and say that something was wrong. So then he tasted it. Everyone was flipping out. Turns out he filled a clean diaper with pumpkin pie filling. It was hilarious."


    9. "I was at my friend’s conservative Catholic family’s house for Thanksgiving, and his older brother told everyone that my pal had gotten a tattoo. His parents were pissed, and forced him to show them the tattoo. When they saw that it was a dollar sign on his left butt cheek, there were tears."


    10. "My dad spilled his red wine into the freshly carved turkey meat one Thanksgiving! Now every time he finishes carving it we ask him if he wants to marinate it first, or have it plain."

    11. "My aunt completely forgot to turn on the oven and let the turkey sit in there for about five hours with no heat. We had pizza that year."


    12. "My uncle didn't want to cook the turkey in the oven, so he just shoved it in the microwave for two hours. We called him asking how it came out later, and they were shooting hoops with it outside."


    13. "My dad broke my grandparents' toilet with the power of his bowels. He ended up having to buy them a new toilet — which he broke a year later at Christmas."

    14. "My relatively straight-edge mother got trashed and decided to ask her niece about the size of her fiancé's dick."


    15. "As soon as my grandma sat down — the last person to be seated — the cat jumped on the table and had a brain aneurysm and died in front of 19 people. My little cousins were all screaming."


    16. "Halfway through eating, my cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her in front of 40+ family and extended family members. She said no."

    17. "My uncle broke one of my grandmother’s antique chairs during an aggressive game of spoons. It was too funny for anyone to be mad."


    18. "My four-year-old sister vomited candied yams into the middle of her Thanksgiving dinner plate when my dad told her she had to eat it or couldn't have any dessert."


    19. "Someone's dog got into the trash and ate a lot of turkey, ham, and everything else that didn't make it to a human's stomach. As some family members were leaving, the dog let out a loud yelp and sprayed said family with projectile diarrhea. First time I got to hose anyone down and hopefully the last."

    Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!!!! Hope you have a better holiday than these folks did.