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    19 Things Teachers Really Want Parents And Students To Stop Doing In The Coronavirus Pandemic

    Pass it on.

    As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the globe, trapping all of us inside our homes for the foreseeable future, it's time we acknowledged some absolute HEROES among us: teachers.

    Quarantine went into effect with many months left in the school year, and teachers are now working harder than ever to make sure students can continue their educations at home. We all owe them a HUGE debt of gratitude.

    I wanted to know if there was anything that WE can do β€” either as students, or as parents of students β€” to make teachers' lives a little bit easier right now. So I asked some teachers to weigh in anonymously from the front lines.

    Here's what they want students and parents to know:

    1. Don't expect teachers to have all the answers right now.

    2. Don't complain about the amount of work being assigned.

    3. Don't forget that teachers have more on their plate right now than just, well, teaching.

    4. Don't expect a 100% perfect education right now.

    5. On the other hand, don't give up.

    6. Don't call or text teachers outside of their dedicated hours.

    7. Don't imply that teachers should give up their paychecks just because the schools are closed.

    8. And if you're a parent, don't imply that YOU should get a cut of the teacher's paycheck just because you're home with your kid.

    9. And while we're on the money topic, don't assume your teacher has financial security right now.

    10. Don't ask the teacher to repeat instructions that have already been posted somewhere or emailed to you.

    11. Don't blame teachers for the hiccups in digital learning.

    12. Parents, don't email the teacher on behalf of your kid if they're old enough to do it themselves.

    13. And if your kid isn't following directions or listening to you during "school" time, don't take out your frustrations on their teacher.

    14. And don't forget that teachers have kids of their own, too.

    15. Another tip for parents: don't "backseat teach."

    16. Don't turn your camera off during Zoom lessons.

    17. And don't goof off, misbehave, or do inappropriate things on Zoom calls.

    First day of Zoom and he’s ripping bongs 🀣 πŸ’¨

    There's only one thing harder than trying to rein in 25 students in one room β€” trying to rein in 25 students in 25 different rooms. Help your teacher out and behave.

    18. Don't reach out to your teacher *only* when you have a complaint.

    19. And finally, don't forget that teachers are people, too!

    TL;DR: Be patient, try your best, and show some love for your teachers right now β€” they deserve it.

    Okay, now it's YOUR turn. If you work in education, sound off in the comments with the things that you wish students and parents would stop doing. We'll be taking notes.