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Taylor Swift Just Proved She's Never Too Busy To Be A Bridesmaid At Her Best Friend's Wedding

Are you...ready for it?

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If you're a diehard Taylor Swift fan, you might be familiar with her best friend, Abigail.

They've been friends since long before Tay was ~famous~.

So, Abigail got married this weekend, and Taylor was a bridesmaid.

(Actually, she might've been maid of honor, but nobody's confirmed this.)


Okay, but seriously, I do have one ~legit~ thing to show you. A Taylor Swift fan page has posted a quick, 15-second clip from her wedding toast. She got some laughs! / Via Instagram: @taylorswift.updates

It sounds like she's telling a poop story, or something? For the record, it's kind of a faux pas to tell embarrassing stories about the bride in your toast. But hey, Taylor took Abigail to the Grammys in 2015, so maybe they're even now.