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Straight Men Are Sharing The Gayest Things They've Ever Done, And It's Wild

"He decided to just go for it and kiss me. Honestly, best make out session I've had."

As a gay man, I am frequently perplexed at the ways that toxic masculinity makes straight guys afraid to experience even the most basic forms of intimacy with their friends, like hugging.

But when given the anonymity of the internet, it turns out plenty of straight men have had experiences that are, well, a little bit gay.

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Case in point: A recent Reddit thread by u/datboy7328 asked users: "Straight males, what’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?" It quickly went viral, garnering thousands of answers. Here are some of the top-voted responses from users:

1. "I let my friend kiss me. He came from a really religious household and was finally realizing that he was gay. He asked if he could kiss me to see if it felt different than kissing a girl. He is my friend and I had kissed people in theater so I kind of figured, eh, why not? After the kiss, which included more tongue than I expected (which was any), he pulled back and said, 'Thanks!' And then immediately, 'Aw, fuck. I’m definitely gay.'"

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2. "I had sex with a guy. Turns out I'm only into anal when it's with a chick."


3. "One of my best friends is gay. He refers to this as a 'no homo bro cuddle': I went to his house and stayed the night and we slept in the same bed. Completely non-sexual, but we did spoon (I was big spoon) for comfort and just to cuddle. Reason being, his dad had recently died and he had been sleeping poorly. Said he just needed someone to cuddle with for comfort so he could get a good night's sleep. ... It was pretty gay to spoon with a gay man in his bed overnight. But I don’t regret it."


4. "I frenched a guy in a very drunken game of Truth or Dare. I have to say the big difference was the feel of stubble, and the more aggressive tongue action."


5. "Technically, I got in a hot tub naked with three gay guys and we talked about relationships. But really, remove the gay element and it was just four dudes talking about life. No biggie."

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6. "I had my best friend suck my dick when I was drunk once. Knew I was straight about two seconds in."


7. "Went with three gay friends to a dive gay bar (with gay porn videos playing on screens, a nude live dancer, that kind of bar). Had a fucking blast. Got drunk, got hit on (flattered!), danced as if I wasn't straight... fun as shit."


8. "I had a dude suck whipped cream off the tip of my penis."


9. "Made out with guys due to spin the bottle. Balanced out by also making out with girls in the same games. One of the dudes was a much better kisser than the other participants."

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10. "I kissed a dude because I thought I was gay."


11. "Naked 4 a.m. drunk bench press session in the back garden of a mate's house, with two other mates. We were drunk, there was a bench. Inevitably, benching happens. I can't remember who thought first 'This would be funnier if I was naked.' Probably me."


12. "I was at a gay bar with some gay friends and this young guy wearing a friggin suit walked up and asked me for a dance. I told him I wasn't gay and he said, 'I just came out and I want my first dance to be with someone beautiful.' I did a slow dance with the dude and went on my way. Dude deserved it for that A+ line."

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13. "Pretended to be my friend’s boyfriend to prevent him from being hit on from this guy he didn’t want to hit on him. We put our arms around each other and I kissed him on the temple... Gay or straight, no means no, and I’ll do this a thousand times more if I have to!"


14. "Me and the boys once took turns taking a 10-minute ice bath at a hotel, then measuring who had the smallest peen by the end of their ice bath. The smallest person won."


15. "Made out with a close friend when he came out to me as gay. He wasn't really sure how I would respond when he told me he thought I was attractive, I didn't know how I was gonna respond either. He decided to just go for it and kiss me. Honestly, best make out session I've had. Every girl I've made out with lacked the passion he did, I never made out with him again."

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16. "When I was in grade 8, I had this weird crush on a dude. Totally threw me for a loop because I was pretty sure I was into girls, and then it faded after like two weeks and then never happened again. Must’ve been hormones at the beginning of puberty, but I think about it a lot."


17. "High school marching band trip, 2014. The band is in New Jersey for an end of the year trip. The percussion kids decide to all gather in one of the hotel rooms to watch Frozen together. Frozen ended up being pay-per-view porn on the TV and a bunch of dudes jerking off together."


18. "I was at a dorm party and we were all drunk. One of our friends is the annoying loud drunk and happens to be gay. He was complaining how it's been ages since he kissed a dude. Bro, I just wanted a chill mood so I could eat my pizza rolls and he was killing the vibe. So I grabbed his head, made out with him hardcore for a bit... He just laughed and said 'wow' every now and again. Fit the vibe I was going for way better, so no regrets."


19. "Without a doubt the time in college when I met a guy in a chat room a few towns over and then drove over so he could give me a blowjob."

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20. "Gave oral to another man. Wasn't sure if I was completely straight or not. Only way to find out is to find out. Nomesayin?"


And finally...

21. "Held my gay friend's hand and went into a gay club because he wasn't sure if he could do it. Spent the rest of the evening as his wingman or boyfriend, depending on the situation."

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You can read the full thread of responses here.

Note: Some comments have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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