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    This Clever Little Hack Will Stop Your Phone From Autocorrecting To "Ducking"

    This is so ducking smart.

    We've all been there: You're shooting off a ~fiery~ text to someone, you go to type a certain swear word, and then your phone autocorrects it to "ducking."


    Luckily, Ben Schwartz (who you may recognize as Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Rec!) has discovered a clever workaround you can use to make sure your motherducking phone never does this again.

    Simply add a contact to your phone called "fucking," and your phone will be tricked into recognizing it as a word.

    And make sure the "f" is lowercase — unless you want your phone to start autocorrecting it to "Fucking."

    People are truly thrilled by this revelation, including a few of Ben's famous friends.

    So go forth and type "fucking" in peace, people! You deserve it.

    H/t to @commentsbycelebs!