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Chris Pratt's "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Character Is Bisexual, And People Are Questioning What Chris Thinks About It

"I need a video of Chris Pratt discovering that Star-Lord is bisexual."

This week, the Guardians of the Galaxy fandom learned in a new comic that Peter Quill — aka Star-Lord — is bisexual. This character is portrayed in the films by Chris Pratt.

Chris, as you may have heard, is a member of the controversial religious organization Hillsong Church. As reported by the Daily Beast, Hillsong has a "lengthy history of gay conversion therapy, and refusing leadership roles to LGBTQ people."

Chris Pratt

Over the years, Chris's personal views about LGBTQ people have occasionally been called into question. Notably, in 2019, Elliot Page called out the actor in a viral tweet for belonging to a church that was "infamously anti-LGBTQ."

Oh. K. Um. But his church is infamously anti lgbtq so maybe address that too?

In response, Chris posted a statement claiming that Hillsong was not anti-LGBTQ, saying that the church "opens their doors to absolutely everyone." As evidence of this, he noted that he was welcomed into the church after his split with Anna Faris, "despite what the Bible says about divorce." He added, "I am a man who believes that everyone is entitled to love who they want free from the judgment of their fellow man."

Well, fast-forward to this week's revelation about Star-Lord being bisexual...and people are wondering what, exactly, Chris thinks of the news.

I wonder what was #ChrisPratt ´s reaction when he found out that #Marvel has confirmed that StarLord Peter Quill is bisexual! He belongs to an anti-LGBTQ church, in case you don´t know.

Some people on Twitter are imagining that the actor wouldn't be too pleased with the development, given his ties to Hillsong.

*Star lord being canon bisexual* Chris Pratt who goes to an anti lgbt church finding out Star lord is an lgbt character:

chris pratt when he finds out starlord is bisexual

And many people expressed a desire to see Chris's reaction to it all.

i need a video of chris pratt discovering that star lord is bisexual

Chris Pratt when Marvel called him to tell him his character is queer

chris pratt when he realizes star lord is bisexual

Others, meanwhile, are just really relishing this unexpected twist.

chris pratt.......who attends a church that is famously anti-lgbtq+....., officially plays a bisexual character........this is news is *chefs kiss*

chris pratt waking up to see marvel confirmed peter quill is bisexual

chris pratt when he finds out that marvel made star lord bisexual

Personally, I'm just happy to see more bisexual representation in Marvel's comics, and I hope the storyline makes it to the Cinematic Universe soon — with an actor who's 100% game for the role.