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    We've All Been Using Our Pots And Pans Wrong And I Am Forever Changed

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    If you're like me, you've probably been doing a LOT more cooking lately, as the coronavirus pandemic forces all of us to stay home for the foreseeable future.


    Well, I'll admit that I'm not the most gifted chef out there, but I thought I knew the basics — like how to use pots and pans. But it turns out I haven't even been doing THAT right...and I bet most of you haven't been, either.


    This revelation came to me last night as I was FaceTiming my friend and makin' pasta (a staple of any good quarantine diet, naturally).

    Predragimages / Getty Images

    I complained to this friend that I never know what to do with the sauce spoon when I'm not using it. Placing it right on the counter seems unhygienic and messy, but putting it on a clean plate creates another dish I have to wash later. What's a lazy person to do???

    Gpointstudio / Getty Images

    That's when my friend showed me a hack that is an absolute GAME CHANGER. You know that little hole on the handle of most pots and pans?

    Yevgen Romanenko / Getty Images

    I always figured that hole was just there to make the pots easy to hang. Nope! Turns out, that hole can also be used to do THIS:

    NippyC / Via

    I did a little digging on the internet, and yes, it's true: That hole in the handle really does double as a place to stash your spoon when not in use.

    The hole in pan handle is a spoon holder. #WhyDidNoOneMentionThis

    Even professional chefs admit to being a little slow on the uptake.

    The hole in the handle of a pan......used to hold your spoons..........blows my mind it took me 4 years of cheffing to find that out lol

    No messy countertops, no extra dishes to clean. The answer has been right on front of us this whole time!

    My mother-in-law told me recently that the hole in the pan handle was a spoon rest, not for hanging it up. It may be right, but perturbing.

    Anyway, that's my life hack of the day. Share to save a life — or at least save someone from cleaning an extra dish.


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