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    Posted on Jun 19, 2017

    Somebody Please Stop Kim Kardashian From Naming Her Dog After Her Cat

    Like, this is weird.

    So Kim Kardashian got a new puppy, and she's cute as hell, and I really wish that was the end of this post. But it isn't because guys, WE HAVE A PROBLEM.

    The dog doesn't have a name yet, so Kim took to Instagram for help.

    So lots of people started commenting and tweeting name ideas, and all was right in the world. But then Kim sent out a tweet, and this is where our nightmare begins:

    Now, you might be thinking that Mercy is a perfectly acceptable name for a pet — and you'd be right! IN FACT, THAT'S THE NAME KIM GAVE HER CAT JUST FIVE YEARS AGO.

    Mercy the Cat was actually a gift from Kanye in 2012. Unfortunately, she died from a virus when she was pretty young. But she was all over Kim's Instagram for awhile.

    Kim Kardashian/Instagram

    And to make matters even weirder, the two animals ACTUALLY KINDA LOOK ALIKE.

    One of Kim's followers quickly called her out on this madness:

    And Kim gave a less-than-satisfactory answer:

    Okay, so what is actually going on here? Did little North really come up with the name Mercy, all on her own? Was it intended as a tribute? Is Kim aware that pets can have names besides Mercy? Or — and I'm sorry to even suggest the possibility — did Kim think we had all forgotten about the old Mercy, and would just accept a new Mercy into our lives without so much as a fight?

    At the end of the day, it doesn't even matter — it's just ~weird as hell~ to name your dog after your cat! It just is! Kim, I'm begging you, pick a new name for this beautiful gal. Even if it's the most boring dog name in the world, like Maggie.

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