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    People On Reddit Are Sharing Their Secret Sexual Fetishes And It's A Lot To Process

    "Floor tiles. I don't know why."

    Let's be honest: Sexual fetishes are pretty darn common, even if most people aren't eager to talk about theirs publicly.

    So this week, Reddit user u/fartnutbutt posed a question to the internet: "What fetish will you keep a secret from the people you know IRL?"

    The thread quickly went viral, as thousands of anonymous strangers started revealing their most secret, private kinks. Here are some of the wildest responses:

    1. "Naked women brushing their teeth."

    2. "Tickling men."


    3. "Tongues. Like, not the muscle specifically, but having their tongue sticking out, sucking it when kissing, watching it when they talk. IDK why I'm strangely attracted to it and I feel like people would think I'm a serial killer if they knew."


    4. "Floor tiles. I don't know why, I just really like how clean they look and the colors and lines. The more detailed the pattern, the better. I get really upset when the tiles get dirty."

    5. "For me, it's having to be forced to give head, but like consensually (talking to my partner about it first)."


    6. "Y'all know the Trix bunny?"

    7. "I'm 6'3" and tend to attract much smaller, submissive women...I just want a tall, buff woman to manhandle ME for a change."


    8. "I like inflatable pool toys a bit more than I'm supposed to. My IRL friends and family don't need to know that inflatables and their squeaky noises turn me on."

    9. "I love being called ‘good girl’ in bed. Like excessively. Will instantly make me go from enjoying the sex to LOVING everything that’s happening. It’s like a switch flips."


    10. "It's hot when my wife puts on an inflatable latex suit that makes her look spherical. In short me and my wife are into the inflation fetish."


    11. "I am huge into one-piece swimsuits (specifically those you'd see in swim and triathlon meets) and leotards. Bonus points if they're worn as underwear beneath normal clothing."

    12. "My wife can essentially orgasm just listening to my heartbeat. More turned on I get, faster it gets, more turned on she gets. It’s kinda interesting. But people would be...confused."


    13. "I want to peg so badly, but my husband is staunchly against me even looking at his butt. Alas, I dream."


    14. "I love getting fucked by guys anonymously. I'm blindfolded and never see who fucked me, and will never know who it is."

    15. "Getting choked out by hella thicc thighs."


    16. "I have a mom/MILF fetish. I'm 19 but I love the idea of being a suburban mom's boy-toy while her husband is at work and her kids are at school."


    17. "Money fetish. I like to rub dollar bills over my body but people see that as weird."

    18. "I like pee. Specifically I like people wetting themselves, but I will do the wetting sometimes myself. Bedwetting is also good."


    19. "I like to pretend I’m a doll during sex, or act like one."


    20. "I really like sweaters. A woman in a sweater is so hot. I think it's because I'm attracted to knowing that they are warm and comfortable, also it's super cuddly."

    21. "I am sometimes sexually attracted to cartoon characters. Not every single one I see, not by a long shot, but dayum the list has grown over the years."


    22. "Hands. Like I like really nice hands. My type is skinny lanky guys, and if they have bony hands with long fingers, damn."


    23. "I’m into really gassy men, particularly from the bottom end."

    Hey, no shame in the fetish game — just make sure whatever ya do, you do it consensually!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.