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17 Times Women In Hollywood Stopped Their Interviews To Call Out Sexist Bullshit

"Do you do that to the guys?"

1. When Cate Blanchett called out an E! cameraman on live TV for panning down on her body while she was giving an interview.


2. When Ariana Grande was asked if she'd rather go without her makeup or her phone, and she refused to answer the question.

Power 106

3. When Jane Fonda was asked invasive questions about her plastic surgery, and she shut that shit DOWN.


4. When Lauren Conrad was asked about her "favorite position," and she had the perfect response.

Sway's Universe / Via

5. When Anne Hathaway kept getting asked questions about her "form-fitting" Catwoman costume, so she finally gave up and dragged the interviewer for filth.


6. But that VERY SAME INTERVIEWER apparently didn't learn his lesson, because he later asked Scarlett Johansson if she was wearing underwear beneath her Black Widow costume. Scarlet promptly dragged him, too:


7. When Simone Biles was asked on Dancing With the Stars why she wasn't smiling, so she told it like it is:

ABC / Via Inside Edition

8. When a reporter tried to imply that Lady Gaga's music was too sexual, and she promptly put him in his place.

NRK Lydverket

9. When Rihanna was asked what she was looking for in a man, and she set the record straight.


10. When Taylor Swift was told on the Grammys red carpet that she was probably going to go home with "lots of men" that night.

Entertainment Tonight

11. When Blake Lively was asked about her fashion choices at an event where she was being honored for her work fighting child trafficking:

12. When Serena Williams was asked why she wasn't smiling during a press conference, so she gave a brutally honest answer:

13. When a reporter asked Robert Downey Jr. a deep, philosophical question about acting, and then asked Scarlett Johansson about her diet:

Digital Spy

14. When Keira Knightley was asked at the Hollywood Film Awards how she manages to balance her work and personal lives:

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

15. When a reporter asked Natasha Lyonne and Samira Wiley whether it was hard to get any work done on the set of Orange Is the New Black with all those "beautiful ladies" around — and they put him right in his place:

16. When Amy Schumer was asked who she was wearing on a red carpet and she gave a 100% honest answer:


17. And finally, when Charlize Theron was asked how she was able to channel such anger in her roles.

Cannes / Canal+ / Via

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