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    21 Things Women Get Called Out For Doing, But Men Get Away With Literally Every Day

    Wedding rules, body grooming, office attire, and more.

    Recently, Reddit user u/Ulixr went viral when they posed a question to women across the internet: "What is something that you have been called out on that you are 100% sure you would have got away with if you were a man?"

    Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Not having kids yet (I'm 29). I don't want kids. If I were a man, people wouldn't ask me about this so frequently. Leave me alone."


    2. "A coworker complained that I was mean and rude, but could not think of a single example. Solving the issue was somehow my problem."


    3. "Not using makeup."


    A woman applying makeup

    4. "Wanting to go to the bar just as often as my partner does. It's meant to be a given in society that he can just rock up there for a beer whenever without judgment. If I did that even half as often as he did, I would be side-eyed, with people muttering, wondering why I don't want to just be at home with the kids."


    5. "Confidently saying I know something to be true. Damn it, I know what I’m talking about! You wouldn’t have questioned a confident man!"


    6. "My boss told me I 'question things too much.' I have repeatedly given ideas or called out problems and been told, 'Yeah, well, we can’t because...' Then, six months later, my older male colleague will say the same thing, and it’s suddenly a Very Important Great Idea."


    A woman in a conference room asking a question

    7. "Being too 'blunt.'"


    8. "Not having every inch shaved because women are supposed to be porcelain dolls."


    9. "Not wanting to change your last name when you get married. I was told it indicated a lack of commitment. When I asked my partner if he would change his, he said no because he was the guy."


    A bride and groom eyeing each other suspiciously

    10. "Being emotional and, as a result, not being heard fully or even dismissed. If I were a guy, I’d simply be called 'passionate' or 'confident,' and then people would shut up and listen."


    11. "Not doing small talk or fake pleasantries with people I don't get along with."


    12. "Having sex with — gasp — more than one person!"


    A couple in bed holding hands

    13. "Playing video games all day. When I was growing up, it was okay for my brother to do that, but if I did it, my mom always had something to say. But if I watched TV or read a book (and before you justify that one, I was not reading highbrow lit or nonfiction), that was fine!"


    14. "Resting bitch face, especially at work. Male colleagues can make whatever face they want, but I’ll get pulled into the office and talked to for 'looking unpleasant' and 'not appearing to be happy at work.'"


    15. "My manager told me in a one-on-one that she received a note about my 'poor and negative body language' in a meeting because I had my arms crossed the entire time. I flat-out said I highly doubt any 50-year-old man has ever been told that in their entire career. She shut right up."


    A woman in an office with her arms crossed

    16. "Being too career driven."


    17. "Not allowing family members to use me as a free, on-demand babysitter."


    18. "Not moaning during sex."


    A woman in bed with a sexual partner kissing her neck

    19. "Not doing household chores. I have a brother and a sister. My sister and I have been repeatedly called out for not doing chores, since we 'don't have anything better to do with [our] time,' but not my brother."


    20. "Being a fan. It’s OK for men to like sports teams and to scream and shout when their team wins or loses, but girls can’t scream at their favorite bands and be a fangirl? They are 'too loud' and 'too obsessed'?"


    And finally...

    21. "I had reconstructive knee surgery and had to wear tennis shoes to work for about two months. My boss told me it looked unprofessional and I needed to wear dress shoes. I explained that I was recovering from knee reconstruction and was directed to wear tennis shoes. HR then informed me that I needed to wear dress flats if I couldn't wear heels (dress shoes have ZERO support — flats or heels). I had to get a doctor's note from my orthopedist. BTW, same job, men wore Crocs to work."


    A woman in an office chair wearing tennis shoes and holding up a pair of high heels

    You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.