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I'm Cringing Hard At This Exchange Between Seth Rogen And Pete Davidson On Instagram

"Guys seriously."

If you've sneezed recently, you might have missed the news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson broke up with their significant others, started dating each other, got matching tattoos, moved in together, and are now engaged. The kids move fast!

They're very cute together, and I'm happy for them. But they're definitely in THAT phase of the relationship right now — the phase where they post lots of pics together:

There are plenty of lovey-dovey shots like this:

And lots and lots of comments like this:

So that's why, I must admit, I got a good laugh today when I saw what Seth Rogen had commented on the couple's latest Instagram. Pete had posted this pic:

The lovebirds then had some flirtatious banter in the comments:

All of which was just a little too much for poor Seth Rogen:

Which, to be fair, I don't think he's alone in that sentiment!!!

But Pete... well, he didn't seem to appreciate Seth's comment.


Hey, it's 2018, the world is bad, so it's nice to see two people in love! But here's me every time I check out Ariana or Pete's Instagram these days:

Congrats, kiddos! I'm happy y'all are happy.