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21 People You're Gonna Feel REAL Bad For Laughing At

A little schadenfreude to brighten your day.

1. This bike rider's morning got off to a pretty rough start.

mikehimself29 / Via

2. This woman probably shouldn't have left her mirror in the window before going to work.

Saftgeaitch / Via

3. This guy learned the hard way that mantles can't support a heavy TV.

Aurora_Olympus / Via

4. This woman has accidentally been calling her neighbor by the wrong name for years.

@_rachjd / Via

5. This person was already having a rough day when they looked up into the clouds and saw someone flipping them the bird.

moneymountain13 / Via

6. This treasure seeker made a rather silly mistake.

brunealtch / Via

7. This waitress might not want to work birthday parties anymore.

Cogolo00 / Via

8. This woman picked the wrong day to visit Mount Fuji.

theloneaztek / Via

9. And this man picked the wrong time to visit Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

KarmaCollider / Via

10. This dog owner walked in on their dog eating *chocolate* *laxatives*, so you know things are about to get REAL messy.

ThePoopingSparrow / Via

11. This teen failed her driver's test for the most unfortunate reason.

AidanGee / Via

12. This city picked the wrong day to hold a chalk art festival.

SavagePupper / Via

13. This Home Depot employee is gonna need a long shower with extra soap.

ChaosKodiak / Via

14. This woman's shoes weren't quite as comfortable as she'd hoped.


15. This man learned that his kitchen cupboards might not be as strong as he thought.

Geeledouche52 / Via

16. This guy's trash bag broke at the MOST inconvenient time possible.

beeappy / Via

17. These parents probably should have trusted their kids.

hootersbutwithcats / Via

18. This couple got a rude awakening when they tried to have a nice movie night together.

Deaty2017 / Via

19. This woman was given a rather impossible task in order to get a refund.

@irispompeii / Via

20. This woman's hair dye bottle exploded all over her white bathroom, and I do NOT envy whoever has to try to clean that up.

sashagreylovesme / Via

21. And finally, this poor guy was FaceTiming his girlfriend...when his phone fell behind the oven.

dEsIgN_dWeEb / Via

H/t to r/wellthatsucks.

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