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21 People You're Gonna Feel REAL Bad For Laughing At

A little schadenfreude to brighten your day.

1. This bike rider's morning got off to a pretty rough start.

2. This woman probably shouldn't have left her mirror in the window before going to work.

3. This guy learned the hard way that mantles can't support a heavy TV.

4. This woman has accidentally been calling her neighbor by the wrong name for years.

5. This person was already having a rough day when they looked up into the clouds and saw someone flipping them the bird.

6. This treasure seeker made a rather silly mistake.

7. This waitress might not want to work birthday parties anymore.

8. This woman picked the wrong day to visit Mount Fuji.

9. And this man picked the wrong time to visit Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

10. This dog owner walked in on their dog eating *chocolate* *laxatives*, so you know things are about to get REAL messy.

11. This teen failed her driver's test for the most unfortunate reason.

12. This city picked the wrong day to hold a chalk art festival.

13. This Home Depot employee is gonna need a long shower with extra soap.

14. This woman's shoes weren't quite as comfortable as she'd hoped.

15. This man learned that his kitchen cupboards might not be as strong as he thought.

16. This guy's trash bag broke at the MOST inconvenient time possible.

17. These parents probably should have trusted their kids.

18. This couple got a rude awakening when they tried to have a nice movie night together.

19. This woman was given a rather impossible task in order to get a refund.

20. This woman's hair dye bottle exploded all over her white bathroom, and I do NOT envy whoever has to try to clean that up.

21. And finally, this poor guy was FaceTiming his girlfriend...when his phone fell behind the oven.

H/t to r/wellthatsucks.