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Rita Ora Tried To Do A Prank On "The Voice" In Germany But The Judges Had No Clue Who She Was

They didn't recognize her.

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And look, I'm not hating. The woman hustles like crazy and has churned out some good songs. But, be honest: If you passed her on the street, you'd probably have no idea.

CASE IN POINT: Rita Ora just tried to do a prank on the German version of The Voice kinda backfired.

Rita Ora performing "Your Song" on The Voice of Germany. She was a part of the blind auditions lol


The show was doing those classic "blind auditions," where the judges are all faced away from the stage so they can't see the singers. Rita came out and started singing her own single, "Your Song."


Hey, you gotta hand it to Ol' Rita: This was a pretty gutsy move! Even if it HAD gone according to plan, she had no guarantee the judges would turn around for her. You think Beyoncé is taking risks like that???