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    Rihanna Just Asked A Bunch Of World Leaders How They Plan To Fund Education And It's Amazing

    She's putting those 74 million followers to good use.

    This is Rihanna — singer, songwriter, actress, basketball fan, and as of yesterday, the person who just might save the world.

    Next month, major world leaders will come together at the G20 Summit in Hamburg to discuss some ~very important~ issues facing humanity. And as the ambassador to the Global Partnership for Education, Rihanna had a MESSAGE FOR 'EM.

    She started with President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri:

    hey there @mauriciomacri, what's your plan for Argentina to commit to #FundEducation? 🇦🇷

    She then moved on to that handsome little slice of Canadian bacon, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

    🇨🇦 @JustinTrudeau I know you had our backs during the #GlobalCitizen Festival, will you recommit Canada to #FundEducation?

    Next up was France's newly elected president, Emmanuel Macron:

    🇫🇷 bonjour @EmmanuelMacron, will France commit to #FundEducation?

    Germany got a shoutout, too:

    Germany, I'm checking in to see where we are on the commitment to #FundEducation w/ @GPforEducation? @regsprecher, I'm depending on you!😊 🇩🇪

    And while RiRi was busy tweeting up an international storm, her fans were absolutely HERE 👏 FOR 👏 IT 👏.

    Rihanna is clocking these world leaders ensuring they commit to #FundEducation. Yes. A service-oriented, philanthro…

    First, Rihanna offered scholarships to immigrant students. Now, she's bettering and expanding education worldwide. #FundEducation ❤

    FYI when Rihanna asks you about your plan for Argentina to commit to #FundEducation you tell her your plan @mauriciomacri

    And she actually got some answers from the leaders themselves:

    Hola @Rihanna! Education is in the central core of our political aims. Only education can change the world.…

    Hi @Rihanna, education is a key area of German development policy. We have nearly doubled spending since 2013.Thank…

    Look. Rihanna's got over 74 million Twitter followers. That's literally the population of a midsize nation, so she's basically a world leader, too. My point being, SOMEONE INVITE THIS LADY TO THE G20 SUMMIT.