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    22 Ways You Didn't Realize You Were Annoying Retail Employees While Shopping

    The customer is usually wrong, y'all.

    1. Coming into the store mere minutes before we close.


    You might think you're gonna be out on time...but you'll never be out on time.

    2. Asking us to "check in the back" when we tell you something is out of stock.

    psychotronofdeth / Via

    There really isn't some magical ~back room~ where all the out-of-stock items are hiding — but sure, we'll go pretend to look if it makes you feel better.

    3. Asking for a discount on a damaged product when there are plenty of non-damaged ones available.


    There's a whole stack of shirts without that weird stain on it. Just take one of those and move on with your life!

    4. Asking to use my employee discount.


    Yes, we get asked this sometimes. No, it never works.

    5. Not putting things back where they belong.

    ArgentManor / Via

    ESPECIALLY when it's stuff that belongs in a fridge or freezer. Shame on you!!!

    6. Trying to get special treatment by mentioning that you "spend lots of money here."


    I promise you, we do not care.

    7. Getting mad when it's too late for you to return something.


    The return policy is right there on your receipt. READ IT.

    8. Or getting mad when you can't return something because you don't have the receipt.


    At LEAST bring the credit card you bought it with so we can try to pull your receipt up.

    9. Putting your cash or credit card on the counter instead of handing it to me directly.

    Twitter: @retailjoblife

    It's a basic respect thing.

    10. Complaining about prices.


    Even if it IS overpriced, do you think I have any control over that?

    11. Doing the whole "Does that mean it's free?" joke when the product won't scan.

    Twitter: @ellyellyelly_

    I know it's a harmless joke, but it happens EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

    12. Continuing to browse after closing time.


    Some stores won't let employees kick the customers out after closing, so please kick yourself out. We just want to go home!

    13. Trying to return something that was clearly used or worn for awhile.


    I mean...sometimes we'll let you do it, but still.

    14. Asking to speak to a manager because you don't believe what I'm telling you.

    The rules are the rules! I literally have no reason to lie to you.

    15. Getting mad because your coupon expired or the special promotion ended.


    Life is hard sometimes, but I promise you'll be okay!

    16. Responding to "Hi, how are you?" with "I'm just browsing" — or worse, just ignoring me altogether.

    17. Complaining that we don't price match.


    A) Once again, I don't make the rules. B) If it's cheaper at the other store, just go buy it at the other store???

    18. Whining about having to wait for assistance when the store is busy.


    I promise you, those employees are having a much worse time than you are.

    19. Dragging out that old "The customer is always right!" line.

    Twitter: @han_shak

    Believe me, the customer is very often wrong.

    20. Talking on the phone during our transaction.


    Retail employees are people too, y'all! Treat them with respect.

    21. Yelling at me about things I have literally no control over.

    Twitter: @RetailJobLife

    I have literally zero power to change the rules around here, but okay, go off.

    22. And finally, asking me to break the rules for you.


    I really do want to make you happy, but not at the risk of losing my job. Bye!

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