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    14 Pictures That Prove You Aren't Recycling As Much As You Think You Are

    We only get one Earth, folks.

    1. Okay, people of Earth. We need to talk about trash and recycling bins that do THIS:

    driveronparthree / Via

    2. Perhaps you've noticed bins like this before: They LOOK like they separate your trash and recycling, but upon closer inspection...

    atomicpete / Via

    3. Everything goes into the same damn bag, which means nothing gets properly recycled.

    MuseDrones / Via

    4. The good news is, not ALL waste bins do this bullshit. Many of them legitimately sort your trash! But not this one...

    5. Bins like this are way, way too common. It's fucked up.

    Kmart300 / Via

    6. A lot of businesses want to *look* environmentally responsible, but they're too damn lazy and cheap to actually process recycling.

    Monsoon3401 / Via

    7. Think of how many items are getting needlessly thrown away here.

    imyoursavior / Via

    8. Now, SOME places use single stream recycling, which means items like paper, plastic, and glass don't need to be separated. So this particular bin *might* be okay in a single stream location, since every allowed item is recyclable.

    ScottWellington / Via

    9. But once you start adding trash into the mix? NOT COOL, Y'ALL.

    10. When trash and recyclables end up in the same bag like this, it's most definitely headed for a landfill.

    zqElephant / Via

    11. (Also, while single stream recycling is more convenient, it can also be more wasteful than traditional recycling methods.)

    DingoDamp / Via

    12. So what can you do to stop this madness? Well, there are a few different things. If you see these bins at a business, speak up. Talk to a manager. Tweet at them. Ask if they're actually recycling.

    mccarthybergeron / Via

    13. And when you encounter a bin like this, you might consider taking that plastic bottle with you until you can find a proper place to recycle it. It won't be feasible in every situation, but we just have to try our best.

    14. Because at the end of the day, this is NOT what we want to see happen.

    lanaalech90 / Via

    Oh, and PS: Please stop supporting businesses that pull this crap. You vote with your dollar, friends!