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    "Queer Eye" Fans Keep Asking Tan France To "French Tuck" Them And He's Officially Had Enough

    "They'll come over and they'll say, 'Will you French tuck me?' It sounds really vulgar."

    Attention, all Queer Eye fans: Tan France has a very important request for anyone who sees him out in public.

    Tan was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night, and he used his time on national TV to send an important message to his fans: Please, for the love of god, stop asking him to "French tuck" you.

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    It all started when Tan explained that people on the street frequently stop him to ask for fashion advice.

    "They ask me for a lot [of help]'s usually something called a French tuck."

    (As any good QE fan knows, a French tuck is when you tuck your shirt into the front of your pants but not the back. It's Tan's signature look.)

    "What I find very strange is — it's called a French tuck because you just tuck in the front of your shirt," he said. "However, when you just say it to a stranger — and I'm a stranger to them, they don't really know me..."

    "...they'll come over and they'll say, 'Will you French tuck me?' It sounds really vulgar."

    Tan added, "Especially by a urinal, in a public restroom." (He adorably called it a urannal with his accent.)

    "Why would you follow me in and then ask me to French tuck you whilst I'm out?" he added, miming unzipped pants.

    So, there you have it: Learn how to do your own French tuck, people!!! Tan's literally taught you how to do it 1 billion times on Queer Eye.

    You can check out Tan's full interview with Jimmy below:

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