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    Prince George Is Not Having The Best Time At The Queen's Birthday Party

    Someone give that kid a fidget spinner or something.

    This is Prince George. He's the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the great-grandson of Queen Elizabeth, and third in line for the throne. He is also, somehow, the most relatable human being I've ever seen.

    So today is the Queen's official birthday (her real one is in April), and London celebrated with the annual "Trooping of the Colours," a very British-sounding parade. Naturally, the whole royal family was in attendance.

    And like most of us at our great-grandma's 91st birthday party, Prince George was BORED OUT OF HIS MIND.

    LOOK AT HIS FACE. He is NOT having it.

    Not even a gentle nudge from his father, Prince William, could get this kid to perk up.

    Prince George is a real-life Charlie Brown, and I am here for it.

    And apparently, boredom just runs in the family.

    Like father, like son... Prince William in 1988 and Prince George in 2017. #TroopingtheColour

    He might be King of England someday, but for now he's just counting down the minutes 'til cake.