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    People Are Calling Out The Popular Foods That Actually Suck, And Several Points Were Made

    "IPAs are Pumpkin Spice Lattes for men."

    Recently, a viral Reddit thread asked the internet: "What food or drink sucks even if most people won’t admit it?"

    The conversation quickly became explosive, as thousands of people started calling out the popular foods that they believe are actually terrible. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "Red velvet cake. I’ll agree that cream cheese frosting is good (on anything), but it’s just chocolate cake dyed red. Everyone loves it."


    red velvet cake

    2. "Those flavored seltzer waters that have virtually no flavor."


    3. "Most American milk chocolate candies. The chocolate is so low quality and packed full of sugar; it doesn't even taste like chocolate anymore."


    4. "Truffle oil. Seriously, stop ruining fries, mac and cheese, and burgers, and then jacking up the price. I see through your crap."


    truffle fries

    5. "Twizzlers. They look cool but taste like plastic with cherry flavoring…yuck!"


    6. "Oysters. They taste like sandy snot. And every time I say I don't like them, I get pressured to try again because clearly I didn't taste the good stuff. So I try again...and it tastes like sandy snot."


    7. "Boba. Never once has anyone said while enjoying a refreshing beverage, 'Man, it would be nice if my sips were occasionally interrupted by a bland, gelatinous choking hazard.' Yet here we are."


    boba tea

    8. "Vegan cheese. My girlfriend is vegan, and it sucks like 90% of the time. We mostly just use some kind of substitute if we're sharing a meal."


    9. "Artificial strawberry-flavored anything."


    10. "IPAs are Pumpkin Spice Lattes for men."


    a draft beer

    11. "Alcohol. If it didn’t get you drunk, I really can’t imagine it’d be that popular on taste alone."


    12. "Black licorice! Puke."


    13. "Really aiming for the fences here, but avocados. Not guac, just straight-up avocado. They are severely lacking in flavor until you hit it with complementary seasonings. It's like eating a stick of butter."


    a hand slicing an avocado

    14. "Coconut water... Disgusting. That shit tastes like what I imagine the water after a pedicure would taste like. Just toenails and garbage juice. I will never understand how people manage to gag that shit down. More for all y'all who love it."


    15. "Iceberg lettuce. It doesn't taste good; I think we just tolerate it because it's an easy and cheap salad, and we can smother it in dressing to hide it."


    16. "Honestly, cotton candy is not that great. It’s sticky, it pretty much has no flavor besides sweet, and it turns your mouth colors. I would much rather eat ice cream or something."


    a girl eating cotton candy

    17. "I think people are starting to figure this out, but red delicious apples. They are bitter, mealy textured garbage and the worst tasting apple."


    18. "For me, anything that is sugar-free or a sugar substitute. Whatever sweetener they use has a really awful taste to me, and no matter how much a person swears I won't be able to taste the difference, I can, and it's always awful."


    19. "Any chip that is 'baked.' I have yet to find one that is good, let alone with any flavor whatsoever."


    a stack of potato chips spilling out of a can

    20. "Caviar. Or what I call it: salty wet seeds."


    21. "Every wedding I’ve ever been to, they’ve paid hundreds for a shit cake draped in three inches of shit fondant. I cannot believe it is still so popular."


    22. "Pretzels (the hard, dry kind, not the soft ones) are garbage-tier snacking."



    And finally...

    23. "When I was a kid, my mom would never let me eat Lunchables. I would sit there in the cafeteria, looking in envy at kids making their own pizzas and stacking all their ham and cheese crackers. When I finally got my license, one of the first things I did was drive to a grocery store, buy five different types of Lunchables, and inhale them in the parking lot. What a colossal fucking letdown. One of the biggest wastes of money I’ve ever had. Can’t believe one tiny slab of uncooked pita bread smeared with cold 'tomato sauce,' topped with tasteless shavings of cheese claimed to be a meal. How any child got full off of them is a mystery."


    ham and cheese Lunchables

    Alright, now it's YOUR turn. Which popular food are you gonna put on blast? Share your thoughts in the comments, please!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.