19 People Who Proved We're Living In The Future Of Pizza

    These folks deserve a Nobel Pizza Prize.

    1. This pizzeria uses a ball of dough to protect your pizza, instead of those little plastic thingies.

    2. This pizza shop gives out plastic bags specifically designed to carry pizza boxes.

    3. This pizza shop gives customers a handy breakdown of every size they offer, and what % more pizza you get with each.

    4. This, my friends, is a pizza vending machine, that can prepare a fresh pie for you in two-and-a-half minutes.

    5. This pizza box is perforated and can be broken up into handy little plates.

    6. This pizzeria has circular boxes, so the pizza doesn't slide around in transit.

    7. This video rental store has a window where you can order pizzas from the restaurant next door.

    8. This pizza shop gives customers helpful instructions for how to re-heat their pizza later.

    9. This place has a PIZZA PORTAL where you can pick up pizzas you ordered online. All you need is a code to open the door — no human interaction necessary!

    10. These savvy people are offering a FREE PIZZA if you buy their house, and frankly I'm about to take out a mortgage.

    11. This considerate pizza man put a customer's pizza inside TWO boxes on a particularly freezing day.

    12. This hotel's phones have a dedicated button just for pizza.

    13. This shop's pizza boxes are made out of...PIZZA! Which isn't helpful at all for transporting a pizza, but I still want it.

    14. This freezer drawer has "in-door pizza storage" — a dedicated slot in the front for frozen pizzas.

    15. This pizzeria has a perfect way to name their pizzas from biggest to smallest: John, Paul, George, and a Ringo if you're not that hungry.

    16. This pizza shop strategically spreads out the pepperoni for easy, consistent slicing.

    17. ...while this pizza shop SHREDS their pepperoni to achieve the same effect.

    18. This pizza shop tells you what time each pie was baked, so you know how fresh it is.

    19. Finally — and most importantly — there's this shop, where you can top your PIZZA with...MORE PIZZA!!!