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    19 People Who Proved We're Living In The Future Of Pizza

    These folks deserve a Nobel Pizza Prize.

    1. This pizzeria uses a ball of dough to protect your pizza, instead of those little plastic thingies.

    Drishy / Via

    2. This pizza shop gives out plastic bags specifically designed to carry pizza boxes.

    Ale85962 / Via

    3. This pizza shop gives customers a handy breakdown of every size they offer, and what % more pizza you get with each.

    bradenkw / Via

    4. This, my friends, is a pizza vending machine, that can prepare a fresh pie for you in two-and-a-half minutes.

    Mcquack__ / Via

    5. This pizza box is perforated and can be broken up into handy little plates.

    lasher576 / Via

    6. This pizzeria has circular boxes, so the pizza doesn't slide around in transit.

    felixtre / Via

    7. This video rental store has a window where you can order pizzas from the restaurant next door.

    SpigotBlister / Via

    8. This pizza shop gives customers helpful instructions for how to re-heat their pizza later.

    ImLazyWithUsernames / Via

    9. This place has a PIZZA PORTAL where you can pick up pizzas you ordered online. All you need is a code to open the door โ€” no human interaction necessary!

    justmikewilldo / Via

    10. These savvy people are offering a FREE PIZZA if you buy their house, and frankly I'm about to take out a mortgage.

    StealthyZombie / Via

    11. This considerate pizza man put a customer's pizza inside TWO boxes on a particularly freezing day.

    poodle_corleone / Via

    12. This hotel's phones have a dedicated button just for pizza.

    doubleplusone / Via

    13. This shop's pizza boxes are made out of...PIZZA! Which isn't helpful at all for transporting a pizza, but I still want it.

    1081_ / Via

    14. This freezer drawer has "in-door pizza storage" โ€” a dedicated slot in the front for frozen pizzas.

    nvegt12 / Via

    15. This pizzeria has a perfect way to name their pizzas from biggest to smallest: John, Paul, George, and a Ringo if you're not that hungry.

    asdfghjessa / Via

    16. This pizza shop strategically spreads out the pepperoni for easy, consistent slicing.

    kingdizzle / Via

    17. ...while this pizza shop SHREDS their pepperoni to achieve the same effect.

    warmmilks / Via

    18. This pizza shop tells you what time each pie was baked, so you know how fresh it is.

    yeahdixon / Via

    19. Finally โ€” and most importantly โ€” there's this shop, where you can top your PIZZA with...MORE PIZZA!!!

    camdoodlebop / Via