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I Am Giving You Full Permission To Laugh At These 18 People

Better them than me, tbh.

1. This mom is gonna need another drink STAT.

2. This person probably should've just waited for the next train.

3. This guy's beach day looks......shitty.

4. Welp, no good options here.

5. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

6. This guy LITERALLY painted himself into a corner.

7. This poor soul is gonna run out of quarters soon.

8. Somebody is proooobably not getting their security deposit back. Or their TV.

9. Remember, kids: Don't lock your car doors until you're 100% sure the keys are FULLY outside the vehicle.

10. Next time, try drawing instead.

11. Just put it in rice!

12. Cooking: It's not for everyone.

13. Hot weather leads to all sorts of unexpected disasters.

14. But then again, so does cold weather.

15. Honestly, that's just really bad luck.

16. On the bright side, at least the cat is happy.

17. Well, shit.

18. And finally...this is what you get for parking like an asshole.

H/T to /r/wellthatsucks