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19 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "My Whole Life Is A Lie"

Everything is a lie.

1. You know what's inside those long lighters you use for candles? A plain old regular lighter.

2. Did you know that slap bracelets are often made from old TAPE MEASURES?

3. No seriously, sometimes they're literally just tape measures wrapped in plastic.

4. Uh, according to some Aldi customers, the shoe deodorizer they bought was just anti-perspirant with a new label.

5. Old pool balls are sometimes used as filler in bocce balls and cue balls.

6. And this bowling ball seems to have been made old bowling ball! Belonging to someone named Sara!

7. Some tablet and smartphone cases contain recycled cardboard underneath. This person claims they opened up their case to find some old toothpaste boxes:

8. Actually, recycled toothpaste boxes can be found in a lot of people's cases:

9. Fun fact: Some big batteries are made from a bunch of little batteries.

10. Like this 9-volt battery — it's actually just six AAAA batteries.

11. Ever wondered what's inside a rope? In many cases, it's a bunch of recycled baby diapers.

12. Seriously! It's a very common thing.

13. True story: A manufacturer in China was caught using condoms inside their hair bands. (Don't worry, though — that's not a typical thing.)

14. This game piece broke open to reveal that it had been filled with dice.

15. And this blue die appears to have been filled with an old die too.

16. Ever wondered what that sound is when you shake a can of spray paint? It's just a marble they put inside the can.

17. PSA for all you tech people out there: Sometimes your SD card is actually just a micro SD in disguise.

18. The person who purchased this glue claims they cracked open the casing to find an undercover Russian glue inside.

19. And finally...peel the shrink wrap off a canned beverage, and you might just find the label for a discontinued drink underneath.