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24 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Why Isn't This Everywhere Yet?"

The future is now.

1. This bakery labels its brownies as corners, edges, or middles.

2. This grocery store has a dedicated checkout line for parents trying to avoid a tantrum.

3. This car wash lets you shoot soap at the cars while you wait.

4. This dentist put a "Where's Waldo?" puzzle on the ceiling to occupy his patients.

5. This pill bottle tells you when it was last opened, in case you're the forgetful type.

6. These road signs offer trivia questions so you don't fall asleep at the wheel.

7. This airport offers free short stories to read that you can print on demand.

8. These shopping baskets let the sales associates know whether or not you need assistance.

9. This elevator's button is placed down the hall from the actual elevator, so you can call it while you're walking over. Less time waiting!

10. And this elevator has buttons on the floor that you can press with your shoe if your hands are full.

11. And this elevator has a little umbrella that lights up when it's raining outside.

12. This bathroom stall eliminates that awkward gap in the door. Poop in peace!

13. This parking lot continues the divider lines up onto the barrier, making them easier to see when you're in the car.

14. This dressing room offers an easy way to sort what you do and don't want to buy.

15. This measuring jug has a second set of indicator lines for when you're pouring.

16. This hot sauce bottle lets you choose how spicy you want it. It's adjustable!

17. These avocados are sold with stickers that help you determine how ripe they are.

18. This picnic table includes an adult's table, a kid's table, and a high chair.

19. And this baby swing has an added seat so that parents and kiddos can swing together!

20. This flash drive shows you how full it is.

21. This bar has a frost rail on it to keep your drink cold between sips.

22. This coaster will tell you if your drink's been spiked.

23. This highlighter has an open area in the tip so you can see what you're going over.

24. And finally, this receipt includes the nutrition facts of whatever you order.

H/T to /r/mildlyinteresting