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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson's Instagram Drama

What is happening?

Y'all. Something is UP with Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson on Instagram. I've been creeping all day and I am CONCERNED. So let's unpack this.


It's hard to say where exactly this whole mess began, but let's start here: Yesterday, Ariana posted this picture of her late grandfather on Instagram.

@arianagrande / Via Instagram

Pete promptly commented on the picture, saying "omg what a cutie."

@arianagrande / Via Instagram

Some Ariana stans thought the comment was insensitive, given that Ariana's grandfather died of cancer four years ago, and her caption on the pic was about how much she misses him.

@arianagrande / Via Instagram

He took a lot of heat for the comment.

@arianagrande / Via Instagram

And ultimately, Pete responded to the criticism, explaining in a frustrated comment that the "cutie" he was referring to was her grandfather, not Ariana.

@arianagrande / Via Instagram

But here's the thing: Ariana has a VERY close relationship with her fans. A relationship that Pete has sometimes strained in the past — like when it was discovered that Pete had cracked a joke about the 2017 terrorist attack that took place at her concert in Manchester. gotta imagine that Ariana was not ~wild~ about Pete asking her fans, "Are you guys all insane?"


So, that brings us to today, when Ariana officially disabled all commenting on her Instagram page. Hmm.


And then, even more surprisingly, Pete deleted ALL of his old photos and videos. His Instagram is completely blank now.

And thennnnnnnn.......Ariana tweeted *these* cryptic messages to her fans.

the energy u put out is exactly what u get back, please create a beautiful life for yourselves

OKAY. SO. Some fans think this is all a sign that there's ~drama~ between Ariana and Pete.

After all, many of those pics Pete deleted were of him and Ariana together.

But lots of fans think that Ariana simply wants to protect Pete.

They think that all of these recent developments — the deleted posts, the disabling of comments, the tweets — are a sign that Ariana and Pete are simply sick o' the haters.

And that sounds more or less like the story Pete himself is going with, as he just released a statement saying that there's "nothing wrong," and that he simply deleted all his posts because "the internet is an evil place and it doesn't make [him] feel good." Well, okay!

Pete Davidson

So, what do YOU think the truth is? Let me know in the comments, because I'm nosey AF. Bye!


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