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    Updated on Jan 29, 2019. Posted on Jul 15, 2018

    21 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Better Them Than Me"

    Be grateful!

    1. This person dropped their phone while biking, and...

    basshead541 / Via

    2. This guy did NOT realize his phone had automatically connected to his car when he went to go pick up his in-laws.

    titoxtian / Via

    3. This person was not too pleased when they received their license plate.

    Bombastic_Sushi / Via

    4. This guy's temporary tattoo had some unforeseen, painful consequences.

    CaptainMagnets / Via

    5. This dude did not realize what he was signing up for when he took that modeling gig.

    6. This person was in the exact wrong place at the exact wrong time.

    pp0787 / Via

    7. This woman is about to go into hiding for a long while.

    flyoverthemoon / Via

    8. This guy really regrets telling Facebook his date of birth.

    Pirate_Redbeard / Via

    9. Whoever has to clean up this olive oil spill, I will pray for you.

    basshead541 / Via

    10. Same with whoever has to clean up after this malfunctioning egg machine.

    Chromosome_wizard2 / Via

    11. And whoever has to clean up this toner explosion...well, maybe just quit.

    mikeydel307 / Via

    12. This driver should have paid better attention to the traffic cones.

    instanteffect / Via

    13. This soup-drinker *might* have forgotten she was wearing a hat.

    xoxeau / Via

    14. This person's neighbors just went on vacation, but it looks like they might have forgotten something important.

    Cubatahavana / Via

    15. This person is probably gonna have to take the bus today.

    xXDeXXoNXx / Via

    16. Let's just hope this person has homeowner's insurance.

    Inimici / Via

    17. This amateur chef might want to invest in some metal forks.

    Kvas_HardBass / Via

    18. This construction worker's day just got a whole lot longer.

    13inhiding / Via

    19. Same with this painter.

    tab232 / Via

    20. This person thought they were putting almond milk in their coffee, but then something tasted off.

    flashmanMRP / Via

    21. And finally, whoever's clothes are in this might want to put it on a lower heat setting.

    Phlarfbar / Via

    H/t to r/wellthatsucks

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