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17 People Who Will Make You Feel Personally Attacked

Just remember to breathe.

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1. The way this dude eats his hot dog should be illegal.

shinyPave / Via

2. This professor does not know how to erase his chalkboard.

onebelligerentbeagle / Via

3. This restaurant charges BY THE ONION RING.

feeshodoom / Via

4. Whoever put the lid back on this ice cream can go to hell.

SomethingSpecialMayb / Via

5. Someone help this person organize their desktop before I lose my mind.

Sataniscraycray / Via

6. This person rated an app four stars...but claims it deserves more...???

rappit4 / Via

7. And this person seems to have no clue how star ratings work at all.

meflou / Via

8. And then there's this person, who rated a place two stars because they haven't been there yet.

chadork / Via

9. This person is using the wrong screen protector for their phone, and I hope they find peace someday.


10. Nothing like airing your personal drama on Facebook and then telling people to MYOB.

maddskills350 / Via

11. Why are people on planes always the worst?

Orygun-Not-Orygone / Via

12. This person was eating pistachios on a plane, and THROWING THE SHELLS ON THE FLOOR.

kowbrandt / Via


MinecraftThugLife / Via

14. This pizza shop employee was asked to cut a slice in half, and boy did they deliver.

miquesadilla / Via

15. Whoever organized these shoes...I am praying for you.

madchickenlady / Via

16. Who serves the spaghetti ON TOP OF the meatballs and sauce???

iconic444 / Via

17. And finally, let's have a moment of silence for the person who opened these food packages.

theDaninDanger / Via

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