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    23 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Go Back To Bed, Sweetie"

    We need eight hours of sleep for a reason, y'all.

    1. This person who might have forgotten something after stopping for gas.

    memphisbeerguy / Via

    2. This person who put their mug in the Keurig upside-down.

    0nly0bjective / Via

    3. ...And this person who forgot to put a pot into their coffee machine altogether.

    vyporx / Via

    4. This poor guy who accidentally opened the sunroof while looking for the defrost button.

    yelpats / Via

    5. This person who decided to put a feather pillow in the wash.

    -Damien- / Via

    6. This person who was trying to cut open the package for their new computer mouse, and...

    seven-ends / Via

    7. This person who somehow managed to get their seatbelt wrapped around their parking brake, and couldn't move their car.

    QuakeC / Via

    8. ...And this person who somehow managed to get their keys stuck in their car door.

    dre224 / Via

    9. This person who just realized they've been using floor cleaner to wash dishes.

    quixotic33 / Via

    10. This poor woman who at least made the cat happy.

    NightTrainDan / Via

    11. The Pizza Hut employee who accidentally gave this customer blue cheese with their cinnamon sticks.

    Queen_Crumblebum / Via

    12. ...And the coffee shop employee who accidentally gave this customer water instead of, y'know, coffee.

    kingramses51 / Via

    13. This person who wasn't paying attention to where they put their straw.

    drteq / Via

    14. This cyclist who apparently wasn't keeping an eye out for cracks in the sidewalk.

    Maxswole / Via

    15. This Nesquik fanatic who now has one hell of a clean-up job on their hands.

    dperezk / Via

    16. This person who decided that hanging balloons near a massive cactus was a good idea.

    BonerP1 / Via

    17. This person who now owes their spouse a big apology.

    KevlarYarmulke / Via

    18. This person who forgot to turn on their Crock-Pot before leaving for work — and didn't realize it until they came home that evening.

    jjstarz / Via

    19. This person who *thought* they were adding almond milk to their coffee.

    flashmanMRP / Via

    20. ...And this person who accidentally put olive oil into their coffee instead of Irish cream.

    puffmonkey92 / Via

    21. This person whose morning smoothie turned into a disaster.

    Squidward2themoon / Via

    22. This person who somehow managed to get more of their coffee into the cupholder than the actual cup.

    TheSoulOfTheRose / Via

    23. And finally, this poor soul, who probably needs more sleep than any of us. RIP PIZZA.

    benevolentonion / Via