23 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "Go Back To Bed, Sweetie"

    We need eight hours of sleep for a reason, y'all.

    1. This person who might have forgotten something after stopping for gas.

    2. This person who put their mug in the Keurig upside-down.

    3. ...And this person who forgot to put a pot into their coffee machine altogether.

    4. This poor guy who accidentally opened the sunroof while looking for the defrost button.

    5. This person who decided to put a feather pillow in the wash.

    6. This person who was trying to cut open the package for their new computer mouse, and...

    7. This person who somehow managed to get their seatbelt wrapped around their parking brake, and couldn't move their car.

    8. ...And this person who somehow managed to get their keys stuck in their car door.

    9. This person who just realized they've been using floor cleaner to wash dishes.

    10. This poor woman who at least made the cat happy.

    11. The Pizza Hut employee who accidentally gave this customer blue cheese with their cinnamon sticks.

    12. ...And the coffee shop employee who accidentally gave this customer water instead of, y'know, coffee.

    13. This person who wasn't paying attention to where they put their straw.

    14. This cyclist who apparently wasn't keeping an eye out for cracks in the sidewalk.

    15. This Nesquik fanatic who now has one hell of a clean-up job on their hands.

    16. This person who decided that hanging balloons near a massive cactus was a good idea.

    17. This person who now owes their spouse a big apology.

    18. This person who forgot to turn on their Crock-Pot before leaving for work — and didn't realize it until they came home that evening.

    19. This person who *thought* they were adding almond milk to their coffee.

    20. ...And this person who accidentally put olive oil into their coffee instead of Irish cream.

    21. This person whose morning smoothie turned into a disaster.

    22. This person who somehow managed to get more of their coffee into the cupholder than the actual cup.

    23. And finally, this poor soul, who probably needs more sleep than any of us. RIP PIZZA.